GammaSwap live on Arbitrum mainnet after 9 months of testing

GammaSwap recently announced going live on the Arbitrum mainnet. The platform underwent over nine months of Beta and Alpha testing before integration.

Besides this, GammaSwap was involved in years of research on CFMMs (Constant Function Market Makers). The news was shared on the official Twitter/X channel of GammaSwap.

As the first DeFi primitive, GammaSwap helps users short liquidity provider (LP) tokens from any Automated Market Maker (AMM) pools. It allows perpetual traders to use the protocol to speculate on volatility. Besides this, loyal traders can place insurance on spot market transactions.

The protocol is available for Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Market Makers to hedge LP positions. The Twitter thread stated that GammaSwap has also launched its Wrapped Pools on SushiSwap.

Liquidity providers can now earn an equal or higher yield on SushiSwap that will scale according to their impermanent loss risk. At the same time, borrowers can start trading volatility perpetuals without any delta risk. This is made possible by offering a time-based liquidation.

Even after the execution, GammaSwap looks forward to dishing out more updates. Here is a quick overview of these updates:-

  • Expand integrations
  • Completely permissionless 
  • Building GammaSwap V2

GammaSwap V2 will revolutionize the way concentrated liquidity is created. GammaSwap will facilitate it with fully composable liquidity provider tokens without any liquidity fragmentation.

As for the swap fees, GammSwap is using CFMM to track them while LPs are earning fees from borrowers. Currently, the Supply APY interface is not showing the fee, but the protocol is working on it. The projected Supply APY is 5x to 10x current values right now.


The development has been appreciated by the GammaSwap community, offering a better outlook for the protocol.

Roxanne Williams

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