GammaSwap officially launches on the Arbitrum Network

GammaSwap recently released a tweet about officially launching on the Arbitrum network. The integration will help GammaSwap collaborate with Arbitrum to be a part of the upcoming DeFi innovation.

The platform shared a string of tweets to inform users about the launch. According to GammaSwap, Arbitrum stands among the leaders in optimistic roll-up technology. Currently, Optimism utilizes single-round proofs established on L1.

However, Arbitrum utilizes multi-round fraud proofs, which are executed off-chain. With one of the highest Total Value Locked among Ethereum roll-ups, Arbitrum is a station for DeFi-based innovation.

Protocols, such as dopex_IO, GMX_IO, and UmamiFinance, are some of the names gathered to bring about this innovation. Despite being an unknown player in the arena, GammaSwap has showcased immense capabilities and potential.

The Oracle decentralized platform has been designed for commission-free token trading and volatility trading. Even before releasing its DEX, its collaboration with a platform like Arbitrum shows how promising the platform is.

It has only been a while since Arbitrum gained over 95 million dollars worth of tokens. Trader Joe, an Avalanche-based DEX, recently deployed its services on the Ethereum scaling platform. As the biggest lending service and decentralized exchange on Avalanche, Trader Joe collected over 95 million dollars of tokens locked up. The development became the first instance when Trader Joe’s deployed on another network.

Its release on the mainnet is expected to be concluded by 2023. By this time, GammaSwap would have also expanded its territory over the platform. Many DeFi protocols, experts, and enthusiasts are keenly following the collaboration. As many expect, the platform can help next-gen DeFi projects collaborate and produce innovative prospects.

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