Introduces Limited-Time Broker Sharing Activity, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has introduced a new limited-time broker sharing campaign to provide participants of its new Broker Program with even more benefits while promoting the platform to newcomers.

Brokers, who act as intermediaries between available markets and high profile traders who wish to benefit from more comprehensive, incentivized offerings aimed directly at them, are an increasingly important aspect of the wider crypto market as more and more institutions and high profile investors take aim at investing in cryptocurrencies.

As the list of Broker Program participants continues to grow by the day, has launched a new Limited-Time Broker Sharing Activity, which will see brokers enjoy up to $3,000 in rewards and an increase in the commission rate based on the transaction volume generated by their referrals. The activity started on April 1st and will continue until June 30th.

Brokers using various trading platforms are invited to join the program, exclusively customized to provide participants and their referrals with a comprehensive trading experience and vast resources such as’s liquidity and market depth.

How To Participate? 

Interested participants can obtain and fill out a questionnaire with the required details to get started with the 60-day highest rebate ratio Broker Program.

After which, the rebate rate will be calculated based on the brokers’ trading volume at the end of the event, allowing them to qualify for a one-time cash reward of up to $3,000. For more information and plan details, brokers can contact the Brokerage Team at [email protected].

About, one of the leading crypto exchanges launched in 2013, offers major digital assets & has over 10 Million users worldwide. ranked consistently based on its liquidity & trading volume on CoinGecko, and also it got verified by BTI (Blockchain Transparency Institute). It is rated 4.5 by Forbes Advisor, and it also offers services like research, analytics, decentralized finance, wallet services, venture capital investments, & more.

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