Launched ‘HODL & Earn’ Program as a Part of Their New Asset Management Tools registered under Gate Technology Inc Corporation, USA, which is well-known for the absolute absence of Fiat currencies, recently launched a set of ‘Hold (HODL) and Earn crypto asset management tools.’ The company tweeted:

The newly launched tools introduced themselves with features such as stable profits and lower risk. They will enable users to earn interest on current and fixed deposits. The company also declared that they would soon launch asset management tools for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, and Tether (USDT) as well. also announced the addition of Ontology (ONT) to its HODL and Earn program. The recently launched EOS PoS (Proof of Stake) Mining & Earn offered an interest rate of around 1% to 3%. No holding fees were assigned to this program, and it was to deliver the interests at the end of every 14 days.

The ONT interest rate was declared to be around 12% to 25%; it is to be calculated based on the amount of ONT generated from ONT holdings. Like the EOS program, here also, Interests for the ONT holdings were to be calculated as the average of 14 day’s holdings, and the interest was to be distributed after every 14 days. Token lock-up was not mandated.

While for the ETH Lock-up & Earn, 30 days program, the total amount of offerings of the to-be-locked ETH was 5,000 ETH. The HODL & Earn, ETH program witnessed the participation of over 200 users with purchases ranging from 1 ETH to 50 ETH. The annual interest rate for ETH was set to be 10%.

The HODL and Earn program also had TRON (TRX) PoS mining, which offered interest of around 1% to 5% and was available only if the minimum holdings’ requirement of 5000 TRX, was met. Its interest was also to be credited after every14 days.

Some of the other offerings of the same HODL and Earn program were:

  • ATOM PoS mining at a 16% annual interest rate (90 days)
  • ALGO PoS mining at a 16% annual interest rate (90 days)
  • Tezos PoS mining at an 8% annual interest rate (90 days)
  • VET PoS mining at a 31% annual interest rate (90 days)
  • SERO PoS mining Interests at a 50% annual interest rate (90 days)
  • BTC Lock-up & Earn at a 10% annual interest rate (30 days)
  • S Lock-up & Earn at a 10% annual interest rate (30 days)
  • DILI Lock-up & Earn No.1 at a 30.90% annual interest rate (3 months)

All the Hold (HODL) and Earn crypto asset management tools offered by, is free of listing fees, and provide users with a 100% interest guaranteed and instant withdrawal and deposit services. All the programs required manual operation in order to continue participation.’s interface is available in three versions: Chinese, English, and Japanese and the verification process is not mandatory, but users are presented with more than one request for confirmation of personal data when users proceed with withdrawal requests


of more than 1000 USD.

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