Offers VIP Level Upgradation Through “VIP Shuttle” VIP Sharing Campaign has announced to upgrade its VIP level structure to celebrate its upcoming “Double Eleven” sale. The VIP Level structure will be upgraded during the campaign. is the trading platform that provides users to trade a 100% guarantee for trusted trading with instant transactional services and zero listing fees. had introduced the “VIP Shuttle” VIP sharing Campaign in August this year. This campaign enabled the VIP users to upgrade themselves from other exchanges to apply for corresponding VIP levels on With the latest upgradation, the VIP users from other exchanges will be able to upgrade themselves one level ahead on

Latest Upgradation during the Campaign:

The previous version of this campaign would allow VIP users from other exchanges to apply for a similar VIP level on This latest version is one step ahead than the previous one and will allow the other exchange VIP users to apply on with one extra level upgradation.

Suppose User A from another exchange holds VIP level 4. This exchange needs 30 days trading record of more than 100 BTC to acquire VIP4.

During the campaign, if the user A doesn’t hold any GT, he still can apply for 1 step higher level, i.e. VIP level number 5 based on his 30 days trading volume.

If User A holds 2500 GT, based on his 30 days trading volume, he can apply for the VIP5 level, which is higher than the regular VIP sharing scheme.

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