Gateway to Cosmos 2023 is scheduled to happen from June 3-5 in Prague

On June 03, 2023, participants will have a chance to attend one of the largest Cosmos events that is being organized in Prague. The announcement about the date was made by Cosmos, adding that Gate to Cosmos 2023 will conclude on June 05, 2023.

The 3-day long event will see industry leaders coming together to hold discussions about innovation and interchain projects.

Cosmos is the future of the economy, known for being scalable, open, and interconnected. Adding the event to the list has brought a positive impact on the value of its token. It was last traded at $10.43, with a slight downfall of 0.57% in 24 hours. Every blockchain event like this has a macro impact on the industry as well. Therefore, it can be noted many more events are scheduled to happen with Gateway to Cosmos 2023.

Prague, for one, will host NFTs in Prague on June 04, 2023, followed by:

  • Web3 Privacy Prague 2023 on June 05, 2023
  • Polkadot Prague 2023 from June 05, 2023, to June 06, 2023

Members who are unable to travel can look forward to Blockchain Community Day 2023. The virtual event is scheduled to run throughout June 05, 2023, and June 09, 2023.

Times are pretty exciting for members who are in the ecosystem of Cosmos. The blockchain event in Prague comes after the release of ADR-8 Actor Callbacks.

ADR is a crucial release. It enables IBC applications to handle complex interactions and perform multiple tasks at once. It takes away the load to empower the mechanism for a single-user flow output. Calling it endless possibilities, Cosmos has said that the release specifically targets the mission of unlocking interchain composable applications.

It remains to be seen if the product will take center stage at Gateway to Cosmos 2023 in Prague. Word is already, though, about how the release of ADR will introduce the capabilities of additional composability. Thereby setting the platform for several applications to come out in the open more freely. Needless to say, such an output will improve the experience for users dramatically.

Multiple on-chain modules and smart contracts could have been difficult to manage. The introduction of ADR-8 Actor Callbacks enables the community to circumvent that issue for enhanced engagement.

The launch of ADR-8 Actor Callbacks signals the rise in innovation in the ecosystem of Cosmos. As of now, there is nothing that confirms that the team is eyeing to halt the implementation of innovative ideas. As it progresses with time, the community can expect more use cases to come to light, along with more supportive applications.

The Cosmos community has been supportive of every innovation. Gateway to Cosmos 2023, for instance, has been termed massive, and members are expressing their joy despite not being able to make it.

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