GEC incorporates Chainlink Data to support Meta Oracles with IoT

Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) has been able to successfully incorporate the weather-based data and pricing of cryptocurrency of Chainlink Data Feeds, with the aim and intention of being able to stand by the features of Metaoracles, with that of the sensor data networks of Internet of Things (IoT), which XI Protocol duly and adequately boosts.

All of this, in turn, will be instrumental in correctly covering all devices which happen to be ground-based. In this scenario, the level would be slanting downwards to Low Earth Orbit LEO), Lunar Orbit, and much further.

On its part, the XI Protocol is a Distributed ledger-based technology (DLT) solution provider. This protocol, however, makes the utilization of ground, as well as space-oriented framework, in the form of a physical platform to aid and assist the multiples of data-based applications incorporating the XI utility token. In the present scenario, the XI Protocol and the XI utility token commence with the deliverance and effectively utilize Web3 enabled space framework.


However, this is done in the first instance with two freshly created applications. These will be the Commemorative Space Display, which happens to be on board GEC’s DOGE-1, and the Geometric-1 space-oriented missions. However, this, in turn, will be delivered by SpaceX, which will be onto Lunar Orbit and Earth Orbit.

Trevor Holman

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