Gemini adds PEPE coin to the list

Pepe introduced $PEPE to the market in mid-April and now has the support of Gemini, marking the achievement of one of the most significant milestones. Specifically, $PEPE was launched on April 14, 2023. It has been quick enough to touch the market cap of $750 million as of May 09, 2023.

The development of $PEPE getting listed on the exchange platform was announced by Gemini. It also informed the community that they can now deposit the token on the official website of Gemini and on ActiveTrader. There is currently no definite timeline about when the trading activities will begin for $PEPE; however, the community can expect to receive a notification soon.

Once open, the trading activity for $PEPE will first go live on the API of Gemini and on the applications of ActiveTrader. The first trading pair will be with USD.

$PEPE will then go live across the mobile application and website of Gemini with other currencies like GBP, EUR, USD, SGD, AUD, HKD, and CAD. Only registered users of Gemini will be able to gain access to the trading activities of $PEPE with the said currencies.

The token follows the line of other meme tokens – Dogecoin and Shiba Inu – by building upon the image of Pepe the Frog. The meme was created by Matt Furie during the initial phase of the 2000s.

It does not just follow the line of other meme tokens, but it also focuses on giving control over money back to the community.

Adding $PEPE to the exchange board aligns with the mission of Gemini, wherein it aims to expand the financial freedom of people across the world. $PEPE does not feature any predefined utility. It could be subjected to high volatility in the prices with a larger loss in value, especially if traders are adding the token for a short time.

Moreover, the value of $PEPE could be largely determined by how the market participants behave and trade the meme token. Also to mention, there could be a permanent loss to the holders of $PEPE through their trading activities.

Having said that, these are natural consequences of trading any cryptocurrency, for they are subjected to high price volatility no matter the market scenario.

The centralized crypto exchange offers over 20 cryptocurrencies. These can alternatively be considered in case traders are looking for a safer option. The operations of the exchange platform are supported all over the US except Hawaii.

Residents of Hong Kong, Canada, South Korea, the UK, and Singapore can also access the services of Gemini. It is recommended to check the transfer limits before initiating a transaction. Details for the same can be found in our Gemini Exchange review. It further describes the minimum amount that must be traded depending on the cryptocurrency that is involved.

The community has expressed its excitement, with some users commenting Just Buy It in the shape of the Nike logo. Others have expressed their love for the meme token.

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