Gemini looks into ways to protect users against financial crime

Gemini is continuously engaged in the process of identifying potential threats to the protection of user interests. With regard to protecting users against financial misdeeds within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, greater clarity is necessary, according to the group. They are currently concentrating on the Travel Rule to provide a secure environment for users conducting cryptocurrency transactions, and they maintain their commitment to rigorously adhering to the laws.

Recently, in accordance with the Travel Rule, the organization has communicated with its users in the United Kingdom regarding the modifications made to cryptocurrency shifting. As a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), Gemini, one of the top crypto exchanges, is obligated to disclose information pertaining to both the originator and the recipient in the event of a cryptocurrency transfer.

To ascertain the fact that the latest guidelines are being adhered to, Gemini has formed a collaboration with Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST) and carried out alterations to their platform, which will be responsible for lessening financial misdemeanors and other illegal acts. The technology stack belonging to TRUST allows Gemini to exchange data securely, as made necessary by the new set of regulations. 

Financial institutions and VASPs are expected to strictly adhere to the Travel Rule, which comprises a set of international benchmarks concerning the exchange of information pertaining to senders and recipients engaged in virtual asset transactions. The purpose of the Rule is to impede the progress of individuals or organizations engaged in fraudulent activities involving cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets. 

Additionally, it contributes to the clarification of options concerning the transmission of cryptocurrencies. To deter illicit activities, crypto users will be required to provide additional information.

When modifications are implemented within Gemini, initiating external transfers from Gemini to VASPs that are not affiliated with TRUST will only be feasible. It will be impossible for Gemini to receive incoming remittances from VASPs that are not affiliated with TRUST. Withdrawals shall be authorized solely upon verification of the recipient’s identity. The situation will be identical for consumers who make deposits. 

ERC-20 tokens, ETH, and BTC will be backed exclusively by Gemini. Nevertheless, Gemini permits the transmission of any token to a wallet of one’s own. The measures above will be executed between November 17, 2023, and December 8, 2023.

Gemini is focusing on its association with regulators internationally to aid the crypto space in moving forward in a secure and regulated manner.

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