Gender Equality To Mass Adoption; What Drove The Founder Of Crypto Ladies Towards Blockchain Industry?

Recall the time when you first started to see Bitcoin and the blockchain technology related news, articles, advertisements to pop up now and then on the internet. The new crypto space intrigued many, and many took conscious actions to explore the area. Anne Somanas, the founder of crypto ladies, is just like us who got interested in the new digital currency and probed it to understand more. In an interview with the TrustUnion, the founder of the Crypto, Ladies discussed her journey towards the cryptocurrency realm and the importance of trust in the sphere.

Getting more women-centric participation in the crypto space:

She describes her journey, starting from basic curious questions about the crypto space. To understand it better, she started to attend several events and seminars about cryptocurrency in Thailand. She observed that the participation of women in the seminars is way less than the male participants. This stirred a sense of responsibility in her to encourage women to participate in the sector. Recently, she went ahead and opened a Facebook group called the ‘Crypto Ladies Bangkok.” The purpose of this group is to get more and more women to participate in the crypto sector.

The journey from women-centric vision to mass adoption of the cryptocurrency:

As she started to encourage women for participation, another layer of the challenge presented itself to her. The challenge was the lack of awareness among the masses, and it had less to do with gender per se. Without wasting much time, she soon realized spreading awareness and educating people about the relatively new crypto space would be the key to get more and more people to participate in the sector.

Handling the abstract and “under-discussed” factor called- “Trust”:

The challenge didn’t stop there. The next level of challenge was around ‘Trust.’ On the one hand, where digital technology offers a lot of freedom, on the other hand, it also brings along its dark side of anonymity. Malicious people take advantage of the very same factor and bring about terrors such as phishing, crypto jacking, hacking, online threats, theft, leaking sensitive information, and so on.  Anne describes the ‘trust’ element as an under-discussed element in the financial business sector.

Underlining the importance of trust, she talked to TrustUnion’s team. This talk took place in a conference which was organized by CoinAdvice in Thailand.

The reason why she thinks platforms such as TrustUnion are important because they translate trust into the digital realm.

What is currently focusing at:

Anne Somanas is trying to bring the blockchain education offline, and make it accessible to the Thailand local people by translating it to Thai. She is also looking into creating courses for people who come for a visit to Thailand on holidays, just to push the awareness campaign further.

“Trust should be translated into the digital realm”- Anne:

In the interview with TrustUnion, she also touched topics such as “AR, VR, AI, neural networks, and Machine learning. She also highlighted the importance of the boom of the gaming industry and how it will be soon become a major revenue generating industry.

Projects such as TrustUnion, as per Anne are focusing on the trust element and helping to settle the debate and the dangers of what is legit and what is not. She feels that there is a strong need of trust to be translated into the digital realm along with other things such as “internet of information, and internet of value.”

Platforms like TurstUnion aim at decreasing the comparative price of getting trust on an international level. They try to make a parallel system to the ‘real-life trust’ in the digital arena. They base their structure on the blockchain technology. Anne appreciated this vision of TrustUnion and added that it would be of great value if the social trust that human beings feel on the community level can be translated to the digital realm; the realm which will inevitably overtake the future must be enriched with Trust.

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