Genesis Shards Teams Up with the NFT Game Kryptomon

The NFT based game Kryptomon is set to move to the decentralised ecosystem of Genesis Shards. The vast network of the Genesis Shards ecosystem will bring the necessary exposure to the blockchain-based game. Kryptomon is an exciting application that brings the popular anime Pokemon to other popular concepts like CryptoKitties and Tamagotchi. This exciting Pokemon game can be accessed remotely and has an NFT marketplace filled with items to be used in the game. 

Tamagotchi refers to a handheld device where the users can bring up a virtual pet using different tools and power-ups. Kryptomon applies the concept to the characters from CryptoKitties and Pokemon in this decentralised game. The game is basically a digital arena for the fans to collect their favourite characters and keep them as pets. The game is built on the Binance Smart Chain and comes with an in-game token known as KMON powered by the BEP-20 protocol.

The users would basically be Kryptomon trainers who collect, train and breed new varieties of Kryptomon. The Kryptomon can grow into powerful beings as time goes on, and the users can earn and purchase various power-ups from the NFT marketplace to use on their pets. The 38 DNA sets will help the users to create their pets from scratch, which also includes their appearance and abilities. When the users fail to take care of their pets, they go into a simulated death known as freezing. It can be reversed using tools from the marketplace.

Apart from the exciting gameplay, the play to earn model of the game has helped create a strong community for the game. The game has used magic, science and creativity to create a game that gives a unique experience to the users. This unique experience will now be available also for the users in the Genesis Shards ecosystem. Genesis Shards ecosystem is built on the Polkadot ecosystem. The project primarily focuses on the NFT marketplace on the DOT chain, trying to establish them as a DeFi option through the number of infrastructures and features built particularly for them.

Genesis Shards is already growing rapidly to become a significant force in the NFT market. More than 60 projects have already signed up for a partnership with this new guild. The platform is currently getting ready to make strong moves with an array of NFT products planned for launch soon. The up-and-coming NFT game Kryptomon would pace towards great exposure in the GS guild ecosystem. Moreover, the peculiar NFT tools and options will now be available for the users of Kryptomon. This rapidly expanding ecosystem allows the game to integrate with like-minded projects from the ecosystem to further their journey in the future. In turn, Kryptomon’s unique outlook would enhance the user experience on the GS guild.

Trevor Holman

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