GEO Pay partners with ProBit Global

GEO Pay, a Ukraine-based venture, has entered into a partnership with ProBit Global. The development was made public by ProBit, highlighting that GEO Pay is their latest fiat-to-crypto payment partner. What makes GEO Pay a perfect fit for the partnership is the fact that its mission statements align when it comes to enabling users to build a diverse crypto portfolio.

The partnership between the two will make it seamless for ProBit Global to onboard a larger number of users. The current market leader in Ukraine is GEO Pay. In fact, the venture has been able to earn the title of the most prominent payment network in the region. In Ukraine, GEO Pay currently holds a dominant position. A partnership with ProBit would be the icing on the cake.

Since its establishment in 2020, GEO Pay has facilitated three core services for its users. These include receiving, exchanging, and sending digital assets and local currencies. Digital assets are cryptocurrencies, and local currencies are the relevant fiat currencies. Not just conventional payment methods, but GEO Pay also goes on to cover innovative routes including, but not limited to, QR Code, Virtual Account, and Open Banking.

Regions on top of Ukraine where GEO Pay has its footprints are Southeast Asia.

Notably, ProBit Global is not its first association. The exchange platform has previously worked with OKX, Binance, and Bitget. These major exchange platforms continue their association with GEO Pay to date, as of the time of drafting this article and according to sources.

A reason why GEO Pay will work well with the users of ProBit is its ability to provide a fee as low as 0.02% to all users, irrespective of their locations. The maximum limit applicable will be $10,000, subject to the prevailing local currencies based on the region. Peer-to-peer fiat on-ramp products will be extended to the users of ProBit.

ProBit Global has earned the reputation of working for users. Per the ProBit review, the crypto platform features on the list of Top 20 Crypto Exchanges. It is now on the path to incorporating a venture that commits to providing world-class security. This will not just stick to their data but also to their transactions.

ProBit Global is confident that the partnership with GEO Pay will be a long one. The team has expressed their excitement about working with them to establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

Moving forward, ProBit Global will continue to connect crypto markets with traditional financial systems. Having GEO Pay on board as a partner demonstrates that it is willing to reach new geographical regions to better serve the community.

Specifically for ProBit Global, users can buy their favorite cryptocurrency on the platform via Apple Pay, GPay, VISA, MasterCard, and credit cards. The list includes BTC and other major cryptocurrencies that can be bought using traditional or fiat currencies.

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