Get airdropped USDC just for being an holder, beats Cardano by a mile

An exclusive opportunity to get airdropped USDC and other impressive rewards through OCTO token holding beats other projects like Cardano by a huge margin. Octoblock offers investors free USDC stablecoins and access to governance and exciting DeFi features.

Cardano price prediction

It’s noticeable for the last one week that Cardano is demonstrating price gains, shifting gears from $0.5 to $0.6. Cardano price prediction notes its 47% climb this year as mirroring a growing popularity among investors. However, the L1 blockchain has encountered suppressed growth and development in the DeFi sector, showing little progress. With a TVL below $600M, many emerging blockchains are outperforming Cardano. Even newer projects like Octoblock beats Cardano’s stagnant market activity with its offer of resourceful DeFi products.

Octoblock presale

Octoblock runs an exciting ICO with several features enriching the holder. At $0.037, the OCTO token is a rich utility coin ushering holders to various DeFi opportunities in the new project. The ICO holders get initial bonuses of 13% to top their portfolios and increase their OCTO holdings. ICO funds are staked through Octoblock’s Nautilus Trove and 45% of the profits made are distributed to OCTO holders. The Nautilus Trove is the investment arm and is responsible for the high APY, currently displayed at 185.5% on Octoblock’s website.

How to qualify and get USDC airdrops?

The USDC airdrops initiative gives free tokens to existing OCTO holders, showing appreciation for their support. The stablecoins are airdropped to designated addresses in proportion to holdings every week on Monday. This opportunity goes beyond free tokens as it allows participation in the project’s growth and maximizes the benefits of decentralized finance. 

Octoblock - Earn USDC during Presale

ICO holders are also enrolled in a Tesla giveaway, with the prize of a New Tesla 2024 on offer. The event is an initiative of Treasure Tesla to pursue carbon reduction using electric vehicles. A free Tesla EV model is up for grabs and the entry is free. The OCTO ICO tokens are what one needs to qualify. The more tokens the holder accumulates, the greater the chances of winning. The draw will be a random pick towards ICO completion before launch to accord all participants an equal chance.

Octoblock also provides monthly rewards under the Saltwater Sweepstake initiative to reward loyalty. The Sweepstake onboards all the ICO holders and chances depend on the number of OCTO tokens on one’s portfolio. The reward is not predetermined but reflects the financial success of the platform in the given month. Upon complete transfer to the winning address, the draw is considered complete.

Octoblock will roll out a multi-chain DEX under the Coral Cove initiative to introduce a user-friendly interoperable platform supporting several blockchains and digital assets.

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