Get in on the ground floor of the AI revolution with InQubeta

It is no secret that AI technology is one of the most popular innovations of recent times. Many DeFi crypto enthusiasts and analysts have begun looking for ways to join the evolution of AI technology. This has prompted the creation of cryptocurrencies that offer a chance to earn from the AI market alongside their crypto holdings.

InQubeta (QUBE) is a crypto project that presents a unique opportunity for investors to join the AI technology market. With a record-breaking presale and a highly profitable ecosystem, InQubeta ensures that investors can invest in AI startups of their choosing. This allows them to own sizable stakes in the market before its value increases exponentially.

InQubeta (QUBE) introduces a unique crowdfunding investment platform

InQubeta is creating a new way for AI startups to get the funding they need and build an engaging community. InQubeta’s approach serves the double purpose of creating a source of funding for AI startups and linking beginner cryptocurrency investors and experienced investors to new profit-making opportunities. This creates a seamless bridge that allows investors to take advantage of the AI revolution.

InQubeta links AI startups to investors through its innovative NFT marketplace powered by Ethereum. The QUBE token is built on the Ethereum blockchain, creating an efficient and transparent NFT marketplace that supports fractional investment. With the smart contract and DeFi crypto capabilities offered by the Ethereum blockchain, InQubeta offers investors an investment marketplace with better flexibility and functionality.

AI startups build reward-based NFTs with several kinds of incentives to attract investors. These NFTs are then listed on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace, where investors can go through them and choose the ones they prefer. The investors buy the NFTs using the QUBE tokens to ensure seamless and efficient transactions.

When the investors buy the NFTs, the AI startups get the finances they need to fund their operations. This also gives them the backing of a strong community of QUBE holders with stakes and interests in the future of the startups. The investors also get the rewards and equities embedded in the coolest NFTs, giving them access to the benefits of the success of the AI startups. This builds an ecosystem that mutually benefits investors and startups.

Visit InQubeta Presale

InQubeta’s (QUBE) presale offers diversification opportunities to investors

InQubeta’s presale was recently launched, and it has begun gaining massive support on the DeFi market. The presale is currently in the Beta stage and is sold for $0.007. Each stage is designed to end with a price increase that will add to the token’s value. Early investors will earn more as a result of these price increases.

There are nine more stages to go; the next stage will be sold for $0.00875. The Beta stage has raised over $400,000 and sold over 94% of its 65,000,000 InQubeta (QUBE) tokens. There are 975,000,000 QUBE tokens to be sold, which will be distributed throughout the presale stages. Using a special promo code listed on InQubeta’s website, investors can earn a 5% bonus on token purchases.

When it launches, the expected DeFi price of the QUBE tokens will be $0.0308, and there is still time for interested investors to buy the token before the presale ends. InQubeta’s presence in the DeFi market allows investors to get in on the ground floor of the AI crypto revolution before the token launches. They will also secure a place for themselves in the AI revolution.


The AI market has seen a lot of innovation in the past few months. These innovations have pushed investors to find opportunities to gain from the AI revolution. One of these opportunities is through InQubeta crypto. With the newly launched presale, investors can get in on the ground floor to enjoy the unique investment opportunities of this AI-revolution crypto project. This will ensure they can benefit from the AI world and the DeFi market in the long run.

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