Get the Latest Updates on Cryptocurrencies with the Delta Tracking App

Delta is the highest rated free cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app. The app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and has proved to be a beneficial one for the crypto investors and crypto users. The app was launched in the year 2017 to help to make solid portfolio decisions by tracking cryptocurrencies. It can track 6000 plus digital assets across over 150 exchanges. You can get the latest updates on over 7000 coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and numerous other altcoins. You can also get alerts pertaining to the market charts in your own currency so that the next time, you don’t have to miss out on any crypto investment. The Delta app is appropriate for first-time users as it has plain and simple set up procedures.

Some of the unique features of Delta are discussed hereunder for the quick perusal of the crypto investors. Have a look below:

Unique Features of Delta

Portfolio Overview

The Delta app helps in making smart portfolio decisions. The users can see their total holdings and any recent market changes without even tapping, which is the most interesting thing about Delta. It gives a clear overview of the total portfolio balance or the profit & loss statement over various time periods. Users can view market trends in not only their own local currency but in any fiat currencies they want to see. The clear analytics dashboard gives valuable insights into the users’ portfolio(s) pertaining to the location of their coins, fees breakdown, or for the most widely used exchanges, etc. Multiple portfolios can also be managed at a single time.

Detailed Coin Analysis

Users can view all latest updates pertaining to current market prices, charts, volumes – high or low, depth chart, crypto holdings information, profit/loss statement, whitepaper etc. Multiple coins can be added to the watchlist if the users want to keep track only to some specific coins.

Direct Communication With Investors And Exchanges

With Delta, the users can directly sync their crypto portfolio with a myriad of exchanges and link their BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, and other wallet addresses for importing transactions automatically. Delta also helps users to easily connect with other investors.

Notification Alerts

Users can set personalized notifications for each different update of cryptocurrencies of their choice. This feature helps in getting daily alerts only when there are significant changes to a coin’s price according to their portfolio’s value, instead of getting alerts for every single market price change.

Continuous Improvements

The Delta app is being continuously improved and modified with significant changes. Device syncing, advanced alerts, API synchronization, order books, etc are some of the significant developments that the app has been recently working on to implement them soon, in order to make the app more user-friendly and convenient for the beginners.

Delta has been acquired by the world’s leading social trading platform eToro and had been launched as Delta 3.0 version with some exclusive features for the users to enjoy. With some font design changes and the Monochrome mode, the new version of Delta has brought in some new improvements in the app. The blue theme has been replaced with a full black and white theme. Filter options are now available for only the top 100 coins. Layout designs have been changed to help the users view their profit and loss just by looking at the layout chart.


Therefore, Delta with these unique features, claims to be the ultimate cryptocurrency portfolio tracker application, that can track cryptocurrencies from more than 150 exchanges all around the world. Though it offers a paid subscription for availing the premium features, Delta is basically free for everyone to use. This gives the investors access to a number of tracking tools that can both track as well as analyze their personal crypto portfolios, which makes it ideal for monitoring the overcrowded competitive environment. It is designed to provide a low-maintenance and intuitive platform for tracking cryptocurrencies.

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