Getting on US Based Exchanges No.1 Priority, Says Justin Sun After Request from Community

Binance Exchange has released a list of tokens being evaluated for listing them of its US marketplace. These tokens include big names like EOS, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, USDT, Stellar, Ripple, and others. However, despite all the recent developments and progress, TRON has failed to make it to the list, which is a bit concerning for community.

TronSpark, a TRON focused digital content platform driven by the Tron Community had tweeted to Tron Foundation CEO Justin Sun,

#Tron better get on this list or on #Coinbase ASAP. We all love Tron but we also need a place for US citizens to trade #trx. @justinsuntron This is the Tron community’s #1 priority right now. Based on feedback, big investors are very concerned. Don’t want to lose them. #TRONICS

The community is visibly concerned for the future of the cryptocurrency in the US, especially after the authorities have hinted at banning unregulated virtual currencies. If TRON has to continue being traded without any problems, it is extremely important for the token to get listed on any of the major US-based crypto exchanges.

Justin Sun, nonetheless, was quick to respond to the community and stated that it was their top priority. He further added that they are building a team, of which he himself will be a part, for the specific purpose of getting TRON established in the US.


The US crypto industry has become vulnerable to strict government regulations, especially after the US President himself criticized digital currencies last month. Since then, the crypto companies have been on their heels to take all the precautionary measures to prevent getting blocked on banned in the country. Several trading platforms, including industry-leading Binance Exchange, stopped serving clients with a US IP Address, as it gearing up to strengthen its US platform by bringing regulated crypto on-board.

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