GGEM: Connecting Web2 and Web3 gaming realms

GameFi has been one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing sectors in the Web3 industry in the last two years. Market research estimates that blockchain gaming pulled in around $4.5 billion in funding in 2022. Many reputable experts are very bullish on Web3 gaming, including Animoca’s co-founder Yat Siu who has recently shared his views in an interview for Cointelegraph. He expects many AAA-level blockchain games to come out by the end of 2024, emphasizing the shift in focus, capital, and talent from mainstream gaming to the Web3 sector.

There is an evergoing problem in the Web3 gaming space: there is a lot of friction in onboarding traditional gamers into this new realm. Most existing Web3 game titles have been released by “blockchain people” who lack knowledge about building quality games. Many crypto gaming projects have one mistake in common – they prioritize a Web3 audience that doesn’t necessarily consist of gamers, ignoring the needs of people who have been playing games all their life – traditional gamers.

Recently, we could witness the birth of a project that aims to address this problem serving as a connecting point between Web2 and Web3 gaming communities – GGEM. It represents the ultimate gaming hub and ecosystem aimed at bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming communities. takes a holistic approach to the gaming world without its division into Web2 and Web3 communities. They consider blockchain gaming as a natural path for the evolution of games and in-game economy relationships in general. 

Eliminating friction in the Web3 gaming realm

GGEM provides high-quality gaming education, events, and products that target both Web2 and Web3 players and offers multiple opportunities for them to start earning in P2E games with no initial investment required. One of GGEM’s key goals is to help Web2 gamers onboard into Web3 games, as well as to help the community benefit from all opportunities GameFi offers, including in-game revenue generation and asset exchange.

GGEM has recently revealed the concept of a comprehensive gaming platform that will introduce quality Web2 and Web3 games, provide in-game asset renting opportunities, organize big gaming events, live sessions with gaming coaches, and much more. 

“Most blockchain games seem to be created for only a Web3 audience, overlooking the immense potential represented by a traditional gaming community which is a third of the planet right now. In my opinion, dividing a gaming community into Web2 and Web3 is a big mistake. This division is leaving the majority of gamers on the sidelines of the Web3 gaming economy.” – GGEM Founder Ruslan Volodkovichz emphasizes. 

Inclusivity in Blockchain gaming

By founding GGEM, Ruslan Volodkovichz aims to foster an inclusive approach to the gaming industry and make blockchain games accessible to all players, including those from a traditional gaming world. He believes blockchain gaming should become a friendly space for beginners, not only for those who are already familiar with crypto and GameFi. 

“Web3 gaming is becoming more like a private club for the chosen ones, not really friendly to newcomers. We founded GGEM to change it. All our activities and products have been developed to commit to the main mission of the Web3 gaming industry – to introduce the unique blockchain gaming world to all potential users and enable intuitive onboarding of traditional players to blockchain games.” – added Ruslan Volodkovichz. 

With a focus on community, learning, and gaming accessibility, GGEM aims to make gaming inclusive and enjoyable for everyone – whether you are Web2 or Web3 gamer.

Fostering development and adoption of web3 games 

GGEM will also support game developers by providing various B2B services helping them to create quality games, grow their player base, and acquire important business connections. If you are a game developer, you can securely lend your game items to players and grow your own community here. With GGEM, everyone will enjoy a fun, secure, and easy gaming experience because it’s all about bringing gamers and game developers together.

Bottom line

GGEM is a revolutionary project that helps to bring everyone into the world of online gaming, even the new blockchain-based gaming. By gathering an inclusive gaming community, providing quality education for gamers, and enabling smooth onboarding into Web3 games, GGEM is poised to become one of the biggest platforms that will make a huge contribution to the adoption of blockchain games in general.

Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson has been following the crypto market for the past seven years. As a crypto news journalist, he has recently joined our team. He regularly delivers the most recent happenings of the crypto space. He enjoys writing poems and exploring various crypto trading platforms in his spare time.

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