GGG Collaborates with the Unfettered

The Unfettered — the 1st Tale-Based AA Gameplay that manages to combine Soulslike and RPG styles with NFT, Play-to-Earn, and Metaverse concepts — has formed a new partnership with Good Games Guild. The collaboration is expected to give the gaming world a new momentum with a riveting storyline and well-built infrastructural facilities that let players use a genuine blockchain gameplay experience. The Unfettered is the 1st story-based PC game on Binance Smart Chain to include Metaverse, Play2Earn, and NFT. It is the work of expert staff and will be available in both free-to-play and pay-to-win modes.

The Unfettered is indeed a game that will make you feel strong and skillful, and the more foes you take down, the more $SOULS you will acquire, in such a way that nobody can steal your money or imitate you. Furthermore, The Unfettered is an AA game, a high-quality product with amazing configurations and graphic elements, genuine characters, and a tale you’ll fall in love with — continuously improving to provide you with the finest experience possible with different characters, weapon systems, and pieces of land. It’ll be a unique video game that you will enjoy playing and earning money in.

The Unfettered brings forth an awe-inspiring tale, allowing players to enjoy Soulslike and RPG-based Gameplay Experience with incredible moments and revolutionary visuals. Gamers will advance through the journey by accumulating the spirits of former enemies in this exhilarating but difficult journey, and they will be able to explore the kingdom in search of souls. Following that, individuals can transform their souls into in-game tokens, mint their NFTs, switch or stake their in-game tokens, or submit them to their Wallets.

Gamers who would like to improve their in-game functionalities for a much more potent, enjoyable, and challenging experience, as well as unleash the locked functionalities of things, can purchase NFTs and goods in the global market. Gamers can also use in-game tokens to level up and purchase equipment, as well as enhance their equipment for much better gameplay.

While overcoming challenges along the way, gamers can use the global market to buy territories in the Unfettered Metaverse. They can develop business zones on these bought land areas or lease them out to other gamers to generate passive income. Gamers can also access and handle their own stores in the global market, earning service charges for every purchase done in their store. Furthermore, gamers can mint NFT, claim, or pull back payment income to their wallets. Unfettered has also set priorities for the game-play and blockchain mechanism to maintain the enthusiasm of game adventure, good and ethical game order, and a deflationary economy:

The Game’s content is Constantly being Updated

The project’s top priority is to keep updating the game and ensure that gamers love the journey of earning in-game tokens and NFTs.

Developing a Deflationary Economy

The biggest concern to consider when developing an ecosystem in which players earn in-game tokens and NFTs whilst also playing is attempting to avoid rising prices.

Gaming Experience that is Fair

The largest range of in-game tokens any player may acquire at any stage will be the same through the algorithm to provide players a fair gaming experience. If the earnings are not within the acceptable range, the system will either eject the participant or burn the game tokens he or she has won.

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