Gibraltar Provides DLT License to B21 Crypto-based Platform

B21 is a crypto investment platform that allows a user to create their profile for the cryptocurrencies. A user can easily create, buy or sell the portfolio and also help in obtaining the cash vouchers in their local currency to provide funds in their B21 account.

Gibraltar Financial Services Commissioner (GFSC) grants a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) license to B21, the innovator of the crypto-based investment management. It deals with purchasing, trading, and managing digital assets.

According to the recent news, this DLT license will help the B21 to become the first investment application in cryptocurrency. To earn the DLT license, B21 struggled a lot and even joined other cryptocurrency firms. Now, people from Europe and Asia can access the application, and in 2020, it will be available for the US market.

The co-founder of B21, Miles Paschini, said that he is happy with the rising regulation of the sector. The DLT license makes its application one of the regulated investment app. They support crypto adoption across the world and commit their loyal services to their users.

B21 is a fantastic platform that uses its many liquidity providers to make sure the execution of optimal trade. A user can buy or sell his assets in cryptocurrency in a faster way.

B21 works similarly like other traditional fiat investing applications such as Wealthfront and betterment. The retail investors can use this app to create customized profiles, provide funds, and track overall progress easily. It is simple for a user to buy or sell multiple assets in no time. The important part is that a user can trade his assets in cryptocurrencies without any fear from keys and wallets, and verification of multiple KYC and AML accounts.

Scott Cook

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