Gibraltar’s New Advisory Group Focuses on Blockchain Development for Educational Courses

Blockchain is getting the attention of the mainstream industries to realize the potential of the new-age technology. They are implementing, adapting and understanding new ways where they could see a future driven by the ease, transparency, and security which is provided by the blockchain technology. Now it is the education industry that is entranced by the challenges and advantages of the blockchain technology and ways it could be put to use in the industry.

It is the recent reports from national news outlet claiming that the Government of Gibraltar has managed to form an advisory group board in collaboration with the University of Gibraltar. The newly created group will focus on discussing the reach of blockchain technology which can adapt to the development of educational courses for the same, says the Gibraltar Chronicle in reports released on October 19.

The new group is named New Technologies in Education (NTiE) which is a partnered endeavor between the Gibraltar government, university and several leading tech firms based in the country. The purpose of the group will be to expand the possibilities of new education and technologies in the country by discussing skills related to private and government sector as well.

The educational courses will be related to blockchain and development and will allegedly launch by the end of this year. The group comes with a detailed plan for the same, and it plans to involve several well-known industry players from the technology sector to give their contributory input to the courses for the same.

Gibraltar Blockchain Courses

One of the associates of the University of Gibraltar, Gilbert Licudi says that the focus on involving significant industry names is a “vital component for sustainable distributed ledger technology development in Gibraltar.” Their input will be helpful in providing access to the innovative courses related to blockchain as they will be the ones to have the first-hand experience of the practical technology.

The government says, “The launch of the NTiE advisory group continues to build momentum for Gibraltar as a hub for new technologies, following the announcement in January 2018 that Gibraltar would be the first jurisdiction globally to introduce legislation around Distributed Ledger Technology.”

Moreover, the government also reveals plans on using the advisory board for matters other than education which is also related to blockchain expertise. The group will also focus on working for development and enhancing the blockchain’s potential expertise regarding new and evolving technologies in the country such as smart contracts, coding, and DLT.

Many surveys conducted this year proved that the interest in blockchain-related courses is increasing in colleges and universities everywhere. Even the New York University (NYU) became the first U.S. University to offer major in blockchain technology course in September. In fact, with the increasing enrollments, NYU doubled the seats this year.

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