Giga Watt files for Bankruptcy due to Bearish Crypto Market

The mining business is presumably the oldest activity identified with the digital currency. This started in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto produced the first block on the Bitcoin network. Today, mining is the biggest industry which traverses 114 nations around the globe and guarantees the working of the worldwide system of digital forms of money. As indicated by Blockchain info Analytics, the total profitability of the market over the previous year contained $4.1 billion. This figure does exclude the salary earned from the sale of mining gear, which is evaluated to achieve around $3-4 billion.

Bitcoin structure

Simultaneously with the popularity of mining, the multifaceted nature of the Bitcoin structure grows along. In spite of the way that 80 percent of Bitcoin has just been mined, as per the experts, the whole supply will be depleted by 2140. The way explains the circumstance that the estimations necessary for the production of cryptographic money are always becoming progressively complex, and the mining procedure takes additional time and energy.


In summer 2017, with the developing popularity of digital forms of money, market demand enlarged for equipment, as well as for GPUs (Graphics cards). Jon Peddie Research states that in 2017 alone, three million discrete cards were obtained for more than $776 million.PC gamers were not able to buy top model GPUs, which was sold to miners before they even arrived on racks, and the makers of AMD and Nvidia cards settled the growth of profits. In the meantime, big players discovered more progressively complex techniques for decreasing energy costs and expanding equipment profitability from building ranches in caves to releasing miners to space.

  • Important Industrial Miner – Giga Watt
  • Launched in 2012
  • Located in Washington, U.S.
  • Hash rate: 1.3 PH

The development of new players and profitable specialties is regularly hard to predict. Very rich people are the individuals who fixed PCs or worked in a hardware store. One of them, Dave Carlson, started to mine with a normal GPU and now claims the biggest mining ranch in North America. A programming specialist and business person with 10 years of experience chose to take up mining in the wake of having financial problems in his previous company. Established in the basement of his own home in 2012, the Mega Big Power organization, which was later renamed as Giga Watt, transformed into a multimillion-dollar business in one year.

Today, the farm is located in the previous industrial distribution center. Moreover, its exact location isn’t revealed, where proprietors prefer not to pull the attention of governmental authorities. In the second quarter of 2017, Nvidia expanded incomes more than 50 percent, contrasted with the second quarter of 2016, coming to $251 million. AMD income for a similar period expanded by 18 percent which is $1.2 billion. Following the fall in the market, interest for mining likewise diminished where AMD and Nvidia are both anticipating a decline in their incomes.

Current Scenario of Giga Watt

Giga Watt, a US-based Bitcoin mining firm, sent an email to its clients, expressing that it has chosen to shut down activities. The organization has explained that it had lost access and power to its mining offices since it did not have sufficient assets to proceed with the mining services. The email came two months after Giga Watt petitioned for Chapter 11 liquidation. In November 2018, the organization had admitted losing a huge piece of their income to the bearish crypto exchange. A document that surfaced soon after the filing uncovered that Giga Watts owed about $7 million to organizations, creditors and investors. Neppel Electric was Giga Watt’s power supplier to which the organization owed nearly $500,000. Numerous clients let go, GigaWatts, not long after it petitioned for bankruptcy. Moreover, some of them kept on working until recently. With its most recent declaration, practically all the action on Giga Watt has come to an indefinite end.

Seizure of Mining Equipment

The Giga Watt had a particular business model for a mining organization. Miners used to buy their mining hardware from the organization and pay them for the upkeep out of their profit. GigaWatt likewise offered less expensive power rates which, after the crypto crash, moved toward becoming unsustainable. The organization explained using their Telegram channel that it would deliver the mining hardware back to their proprietors on the off chance that they consent to pay the transportation costs. With a lockout of their mining office, a few machines are difficult to reach to the organization, they confirmed in their email. The creditors will almost certainly hold them except if Giga Watt settles their payment.

Digital money Withdrawal

For the time being, Giga Watt offered some help to its old clients who had lost access to their crypto reserves. The organization said in the email that clients would have the capacity to pull back their holdings to their private wallets until March. They should experience a know your client procedure. Overall, the news denotes the shooting down of one more mining firm. Previously, Bitmain, the world’s greatest crypto mining organization, reported that it would fire 80% of its staff, shut down activities in Amsterdam and replace its two head officers. Then again, Blockchain specialists at Diar found that the melting down of huge mining firms made crypto progressively decentralized.

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