GitHub & Chainlink Labs announce collaboration for BUILD projects

GitHub and Chainlink Labs have announced a major collaboration. The goal is to help the participants of the BUILD program to make advancements in developing their projects that may one day change the course of the next generation. The only condition is that the projects of the Chainlink BUILD Program must be eligible to access the support.

They gain access to the platform and a global startup community where like-minded people await to have meaningful interaction. Moreover, they will have access to exclusive education space to learn about tools, services, and projects they are working on.

Both bring something meaningful to the table through this partnership. For starters, they are a perfect fit. Participants of the BUILD Program are constantly looking for more connections. Chainlink Labs adding GitHub gives them access to a supportive platform in addition to other platforms that are already on the list. Next, this forms a perfect opportunity for GitHub to expand its footprints in the Web3 sphere.

Being able to support Web3 and secure decentralized applications marks its contribution to the adoption of the space. Specifically speaking, GitHub is making available all the core tools and services to developers that they might need to craft their applications in the Web3 sphere.

Garett Wood, the Senior Manager of the Startup Program at GitHub, has expressed their excitement about the collaboration, adding that they now look forward to supporting the members of the Chainlink BUILD Program with access to enhanced GitHub Enterprise, technical resources, networking events, and much more. Garett has further stated that they provide solutions that are scalable, secure, and cutting-edge for the purpose of enabling the development of a robust application.

Kate Lane, the Head of Partnerships at Chainlink Labs, has also expressed excitement about the collaboration stating that it will help participants gain access to services and tools that are necessary to scale their projects securely. Kate has also expressed their confidence by saying that the projects will be better positioned to build, test, and launch their dApps for mass adoption. Access here refers to gaining the availability of technical experts and networks across the globe.

Participants of the Chainlink BUILD Program, overall, have access to technical expertise, resources, and Web3 services.

GitHub and Chainlink bring together an ecosystem that is viable for yielding fruitful results. They are backed by their experience and network. GitHub has over a hundred million developers and has partnerships with more than four million organizations. This includes almost 90% of the companies that feature in Fortune 100 companies.

Chainlink has backed the growth of Web3 by registering a value of $8 trillion across Web3. The development pertains to decentralized finance, gaming based on blockchain, and other similar verticals.

Simply put, both have contributed something to Web3, and that has formed a part of their experience. Chainlink Labs and GitHub are now just bringing that together under their partnership for the participants of the Chainlink BUILD Program.

Roxanne Williams

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