Global Advisory Firm, PwC Imparts Training For Its Employees To Gain Expertise on Blockchain Technology

Global consultancy firm PwC introduces an innovative program on Digital Skills that enables its employees to gain a deep insight into the new age technology Blockchain. The two-year training program is designed such that it focuses on numerous aspects of the Blockchain like 3D printing to drones, digital technology, etc. The program will be attended by 1,000 employees of PwC, and it is expected to be scheduled in January next year.

Sarah McEneaney, Head of PwC Digital Accelerators said that the move is one of the strategic ones that will help one get a deep insight on the Blockchain.

An excerpt from the statement given by Sarah,

“My job is to future-proof our workforce . It just seems table stakes at this point that people should have more technical skills. It’s needed for us to remain competitive and to be responsible for what our clients are also going through.”

The training session will enable employees of PwC to be more brilliant and efficient in order to streamline numerous complexities involved in the businesses. Eventually, the savings emanating out of the streamlined process will be transferred to customers at PwC. Almost 3,500 employees of PwC are expected to have applied for the program.

While attending the program, almost 1,000 employees will directly work with clients by spending approximately 10 hours of courses each week. The program curriculum contains Data and analytics including two major verticals like blockchain and information collection.


Needless to say that companies from around the world especially those engaged in the role of advising clients, have to offer the latest and innovative tools that add value to the clients. Blockchain technology when incorporated with the other advisory services in place executed by PwC, will be a value added one to PwC itself!!

Shalin Soni

Shalin joined CryptoNewsZ as Associate Finance (Cryptocurrency Research & Analysis) in 2018 and has 10 years of collective experience to work on financial modeling and financial planning & analysis activities (fp&a) domains. He has worked with various organizations in India and added values by leveraging his skills and expertise. He has strong domain expertise in research & analysis, valuation, and fp&a!! You can also mail him at [email protected] to discuss anything related to his reports.

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