Global Management Consulting Firm – Accenture Deploys DLT Platform To Track Software License

With the blockchain use cases become omnipresent worldwide, the global management consultancy firm – Accenture has organized a distributed ledger (DLT) platform in order to manage and track software licenses as revealed by the company source on 12th November.

In order to streamline the activity for creating the solutions for software management, Accenture is believed to have partnered with Digital Assets which is one of the U.S. based companies offering DLT products to financial institutions. The newly built App will use the Digital Asset’s smart contract language (DAML) which is supposedly said to be a modeling language created for distributed ledgers.

As per the valid report, the platform will assist in tracking software licenses in a transparent manner by making it possible from their origination to purchase.

With this, Accenture emphasized more on the DLT led app which will assist major firms to avoid potential risks emanating from license rules violation. The entire concept will be strategized by applying transparent distribution and utilization of software.

Amid the entire story, Melanie Cutlan, the lead blockchain development at Accenture Operations comments that “the company’s significant portfolio of software licenses across businesses, clients and geographies requires the relevant policies and procedures supported with the right technology.”

Further speaking to the subject matter, she said, “While software asset tracking and management tools have evolved, it can still be a daunting task for any large organization to manage.”


Needless to say that the tech department of Accenture started focusing on blockchain use cases – DLT based solutions across a variety of areas. With the recently released tool which supports the interoperability of existing blockchain system. The first interoperable pairs include Digital Assets and R3 Corda with others are Hyperledger Fabric and JPMorgan’s Quorum.

The company is also poised to apply blockchain in order to upgrade its logistics network based on the patent filed in July 2018.

Shalin Soni

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