Trust Company launches GYEN and ZUSD on Solana Network Trust Company launches GYEN and ZUSD on the Solana network. This integration will grant businesses and consumers the ability to conduct transactions in the Solana ecosystem in a secure and streamlined manner. On one hand, GYEN is the first certified Japanese yen (JPY) stablecoin, whereas ZUSD is the established US dollar (USD) stablecoin.

The utilization of Solana’s cutting-edge blockchain technology significantly expedites transactions involving Solan GYEN and Solana ZUSD, while also ensuring impeccable balance and dependability. This facilitates a more focused entry exposure from fiat to cryptocurrency, establishing a connection between the Japanese yen and the US dollar and the realm of digital assets.

Individuals will have the privilege of exploring its extensive and varied ecosystem, which includes Web3 and GameFi mobile applications, creative financing, and payment-related services.

GMO Trust plans to launch the trading platform for Solana GYEN and Solana ZUSD on February 14, 2024. It is a watershed moment, says Trust Company Inc. CEO Ken Nakamura, that the Solana ecosystem has now arrived for the first JYP stablecoin and a new USD stablecoin. They intend to integrate GYEN and ZUSD into the numerous projects comprising the Solana ecosystem in the near future.

According to Raj Gokal, co-founder of Solana, the release of stablecoins by GMO Trust on the Solana blockchain proves the possibility of the Solana network, which allows businesses to launch certified financial products that may be upgraded. 

Moreover, Japanese citizens will not have access to GYEN and ZUSD at this time. From its inception in 1991 to its present day, GMO Internet Group has been an integral part of the digital industry, the internet’s infrastructure, and online finance. Tokyo is the location of the company’s headquarters.

Aside from running an online bank and the biggest online FX trading platform, the corporation also oversees a cryptocurrency exchange, a payment gateway, certified stablecoins, and a mining infrastructure.


The New York Department of Financial Services has granted certification to the Trust Company, headquartered in New York. It is recognized for having introduced the first certified JPY stablecoin.

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