Gnosis Safe Multisig Now Accessible on Harmony

Harmony, the dApp-focused organization, which last year deployed the latest version of its Blockchain, has announced that Gnosis Safe Multisig is now available on its platform. In recent times, users on Harmony can use NFT marketplaces, Ethereum, and decentralized exchanges with the help of Metamask connected with the platform. Harmony, with the security and safety of transactions in mind, said the company is excited to launch a support tool for Gnosis Safe Multisig, enabling the smooth function of decentralizing governance.

Harmony, in its statement, said, as an early adopter, the company is excited to witness a few governance proposals in its communities.

Gnosis Safe Multisig on Harmony

Having Gnosis Safe Multisig on Harmony will help developers in-

  • Setting up Multisig wallet named as Safe.
  • Creating multiple addresses of wallet participating in multi-signature.
  • Setting up the threshold number of signers to engage in Multisig transactions.
  • Tracking all Multisig transaction activity.
  • Tracking assets on Multisig wallet.

Harmony, with its latest version of Blockchain, helps the user complete the transaction within 8 seconds. This is a welcome change for those who use Ethereum and have to wait for minutes. Presently, Harmony has more than 320 public nodes and is planning to increase by 1,000. Harmony uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm, which means a user holding a native ecosystem ONE token will be a validator and start earning income.

Gnosis Safe Multisig operates in Smart Contracts. Its original codebase is audited and verified by the Gnosis team.

Harmony divided this Multisig for better implementation and transaction in the future. Harmony, on the other hand, is known for sharding protocol using trustless Ethereum Bridge. Developers of Harmony Blockchain use well-tested Ethereum tools like Ether.js and Solidity. Users are offered with Metamask for storing purposes and use bridges for swapping Harmony and Ethereum.

One thing that makes Harmony the best platform is its fast transaction process. The platform achieves 2-second finality and can support 1000 stakers for secured sharing.

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