GoArt Collaborates With Polygon Studios; Shows Augmented Metaverse Experience

GoArt has recently announced that it has collaborated with Polygon Studios which sets a landmark for the growth of the GoArt ecosystem. With the hike created for artistic filters among the users, digital artists are working hard to keep updating features. One of its recent steps towards better functionality is the partnership with Polygon studios.

While Polygon is a decentralized scaling metaverse platform, GoArt will benefit from building user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees and better security. With this collaboration, GoArt targets an eco-friendly and sustainable blockchain. Furthermore, the users will get access to their assets, helping them to buy and sell using digital coins.

GoArt is the only platform that builds a bridge between the real world and virtual reality through its attractive feature of creating Avatar. GoArt solution enables viewing the products in digital shops and trying them in the real world.

Polygon is a decentralized solid platform for budding blockchain dapp development businesses. The collaboration will not only provide expansion to their neutral ecosystem vision but also make the businesses more scalable by connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

Polygon will ensure the GoArt team that it may focus on the expansion of NFT without facing any risks of network congestion.

Polygon Studios aims to support developers building decentralized apps on Polygon that provide Web2 and Web3 teams with services like developer support, strategy,go-to-market, partnership, and technical integrations. Polygon Studios stake projects such as OpenSea, Adidas, Prada, and DraftKings.

With the collaboration of GoArt and Polygon Studios, users will find quick and easy processing, eco-friendly resilience, and affordable transaction services without compromising blockchain protocol security.

Roxanne Williams

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