GoArt Metaverse and Chainlink VRF work together for transparency

GoArt Metaverse happily announced its successful integration with Chainlink VRF on Polygon mainnet. Through this integration, the web3 metaverse and engagement provider GoArt can provide their users with a secure and fair distribution of NFTs.

GoArt Metaverse is an AR-based metaverse developer that bridges the real world and the virtual universe. On the other hand, Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) is a random number generator for applications that use blockchain. The duo has joined forces to provide a secure and auditable source of randomness for the fair distribution of NFTs for GoArt users. 

GoArt wants to make community-based platforms and help brands understand that the Web3 space is a whole ecosystem. With the help of AR technologies, brands can share their views and culture with users on this platform. The users of GoArt can make Avatars to socialize, shop, and explore public and exclusive locations. Moreover, GoArt Time Portals provide an opportunity to be a time traveler who can earn and experience the NFT marketplace.

To provide fairness and transparency in drops for GoArt users, the platform intends to have access to a secure and safe random number generator (RNG). Hence, GoArt chose Chainlink VRF as a time-tested Oracle network that backs it, and they have secured cryptographic proofs to confirm the authenticity of every number served to smart contracts.

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