God Panel From Val Kilmer Gets ChainLink VRF Support

We have seen people financially connect with the crypto space. But such an outlook is changing as the industry keeps breaking the barriers of human connectivity through its innovative offerings. Val Kilmer plans to take his initiative to the next level with help from ChainLink VRF.

Kilmer is a famous actor celebrated for his roles in movies like Top Gun, Batman Forever, and The Doors. After being left impaired due to cancer, he started his fine arts venture in the NFT market. However, Kilmer used his artistic faculties to express his emotions to the world, and web3 innovations helped him overcome his hard times. Kilmer stated that the metaverse and NFTs had helped him connect with people without space and time constraints when he was left immobile after the treatments. He wants to expand this initiative to enable other people to participate in this journey.

The God Panel is an NFT-based fine arts project created by Kilmer’s visual arts community known as Kamp Kilmer in collaboration with Galaxis Art Engine. The initiative allows the NFT artworks to evolve as it reaches new people and newer generations. The God Panel hopes to give everyone an equal opportunity to partake in art mediation. To ensure fairness and randomness during NFT minting, the God Panel integrated with the ChainLink for its Virtual Random Function.

ChainLink is one of the most sought-after oracle solutions in the crypto space. The Virtual Random Function was developed by the project to support GameFi and NFT projects. Recently, the NFT Battle Game Ragnörak incorporated the VRF support from ChainLink. The feature will help the God Panel achieve true randomness while minting NFTs. Kilmer believes some of the artworks would be rarer than others, and the ChainLink Solution will give everyone a fair chance at landing them. On top of everything, the oracle solution gives transparency to the project’s operations, which will attract more artists to participate.

The God Panel cannot just be an art NFT project as it gives depth to how we connect with NFTs. Kamp Kilmer has opened up a new avenue for NFTs to explore artworks and the emotions surrounding them. As per Kilmer’s opinions, the web3 technology has the potential to break the normative barricades for both art and the artist. He added that this evolutionary art powered by NFTs would help build legacies and create artistic beauties while also benefiting monetarily.

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