GoDaddy teams up with Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

GoDaddy and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) have formed a partnership to enable domain name users to attach their domains to ENS in a convenient manner. Furthermore, this will result in cost savings and eliminate the need for technical expertise. The integration of blockchain technology with the Domain Name System (DNS) will result from this partnership. GoDaddy is a leading provider of web hosting and domain listing for the uninitiated, whereas ENS specializes in naming systems based on blockchain technology.

DNS is a naming database that can translate readable addresses into a unique collection of digits known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. In the same way, ENS simplifies difficult wallet addresses by converting them into human-readable names. The integration of the two enhances domain owners, who benefit from GoDaddy’s security and dependability, as well as the advanced benefits of ENS’ blockchain infrastructure.

GoDaddy’s President of Domains, Paul Nicks, asserts that the company’s current emphasis is on providing customers with innovative enhancements, given its extensive tenure in the domain industry. Their users would greatly benefit from the integration of domain names and blockchain technologies that the partnership with ENS will bring about.

Domain name migration to ENS has always been possible, but the implementation of this feature has resulted in increased gas fees that impede a seamless transition. ENS resolved the issue by implementing new smart contracts at the DNS top-level domain (TLD) to facilitate the resolution process of ENS domain names. Customers can check the legitimacy of DNS records for free by using this technique.

This inclusion reduces user exposure while encouraging a sense of trustworthiness in the case of digital identities. Domain owners and cryptocurrency wallet holders can connect their digital assets for better control.

According to ENS Founder Nick Johnson, this strategic partnership will help them create a safer, more decentralized, and user-oriented internet. ENS is a key component of the internet framework. By tying ENS names to GoDaddy domains, they will be able to narrow down the manner of users connecting with web domains, matching DNS knowledge with the capabilities of blockchain technology.

GoDaddy provides support to numerous businesses in establishing, expanding, and enhancing their operations. People come to the business in order to give their ideas a name, get a website made, and then sell their products and services to new clients. GoDaddy’s solutions enable small business owners to perform all of their operations under one roof and include round-the-clock customer assistance. 


The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a transparent, distributed, and adaptable name system that was developed using the Ethereum blockchain. ENS addresses allow users to specify a.eth domain that can be linked to several wallets. ENS is widely regarded as the most popular permissionless domain name protocol worldwide. It has more than 2 million names listed on-chain and over 4 million off-chain.

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