Gods Unchained expands its ecosystem, launches Dread Awakening

Gods Unchained, a PC game with integrated BFT trading card mechanics, has announced an expansion to its ecosystem with the launch of FDread Awakening. It is slated to go live on April 22, 2024, at 6 pm PDT. The expansion brings 132 cards plus new mechanics applicable across Eucos. New characters and forces will be revealed as players proceed with the gameplay.

The collection of 132 cards includes 13 legendary entities. Overall, there are 6 rare cards, 6 epic cards, and 6 legendary cards in Dread Awakening. These can be obtained via crafting, which is limited to a single allocation for every domain. Crafting has integrated a Shine Down mechanic wherein players are eligible to earn Crafted Legendary cards plus Epic input cards in the Meteorite version.

The goal of improving the gameplay experience is in line with developing Crafting. It further brings two new game mechanics – Dreadtouched and Elderytch Mysteries. The introduction of Dreadtouched comes with the principle that it is imperative to value transformation and sacrifice. Elderytch Mysteries enables players to unlock the ability to embrace the enigmatic forces of the universe.

Gods Unchained has expressed commitment to bringing more gameplay updates in the days to come. The official announcement says that Dread Awakening is only the beginning, adding that more darkness, secrets, and untold power are about to unfold as players make progress.

Defined under the Trading Card Game category, Gods Unchained comes with built-in compatibility with Mac and Windows by running on Ethereum and ImmutableX. Rewards in the gameplay are rolled out backed by the Play to Earn model. It has different game modes, namely Mission game mode, Solo mode, Direct Challenge game mode, and Ranked Matches game mode. Rewards are in the form of EXP, with utility depending on the progress of the player. More such details can be read in our Gods Unchained review. It also sheds light on three types of cards in the game.

Players can experience Gods Unchained and the newly announced Dread Awakening expansion only after registering on the platform. It is recommended to start with Learn to Play to familiarize yourself with the gameplay and controls. It is one of the best free-to-play crypto games.

Gods Unchained features a list of Gods—God of Light, Death, War, Nature, Magic, and Deception—each with powers that players can choose to utilize in the gameplay. With Dread Awakening in the picture, players will have more options to better engage with the gameplay and strengthen their chances of winning a round.

Gods Unchained Dread Awakening is expected to go live on April 22, 2024, at 6 p.m. PDT. It brings 132 new cards and two new game mechanics. The team is determined to add gameplay updates as the game develops. Current mechanics might also be improved over time to give players additional power.

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