Gods Unchained goes live on Epic Games Store

Gods Unchained, a Web3 card trading game by Immutable Games, has made its way to Epic Games Store, a digital gaming distribution platform with a user base of 230 million PC gamers. The attempt of the game is to go mainstream.

Daniel Paez, the Executive Producer of Gods Unchained, has expressed their excitement about going live on Epic Games Store, acknowledging that they have a massive audience of traditional PC gamers along with TCG enthusiasts. Daniel has also said that it is hard to overestimate just how significant the launch is for the community around the world.

There are, however, some figures that showcase the impact that the launch has made so far. The number of unique wallets engaging with the content has gone up by 20% in a single day. There is an increase in the number of transactions executed by 28% to touch the mark of 10,500 and generate $830,000 economic value.

The Ethereum Layer-2-based card trading title, Gods Unchained game, has simultaneously seen a rise in the value of its native token. The value is up by 18% as of the time of drafting this article. Specifically speaking, the token was last seen exchanging hands at $0.15.

Gods Unchained has now published an updated roadmap for 2023. It has been highlighted that Gods Unchained will next be prepared for a soft mobile launch on two major operating systems, namely iOS and Android.

As for Epic Games Store, it now hosts 8 blockchain-based gaming titles. The plan is to double the number at the earliest.

The reward mechanism of Gods Unchained is backed by the ranking system, play & earn, and tournaments. The gameplay mode is available at no cost. Players can opt to choose to go solo or pose a direct challenge to an opponent. Gods Unchained also offers tutorial missions in the game mode.

A native token can be earned by winning games and proceeding to explore new cards.

There are three types of cards by Gods Unchained – Creature Cards, Spell Cards, and Relic Cards. Each card has different functionality, with each of them being crucial in one way or another. For instance, Creature Cards come in handy when a player wants to attack a creature of their opponents. Similarly, Spell Cards and Relic Cards are helpful for casting match-turning spells and using them as a support option, respectively.

Gods Unchained can be downloaded by first registering on the official website and then signing into the account. Players must select a mission they want to pursue and complete it to earn rewards or tokens, as is the case with Gods Unchained.

The iGaming market is seeing a downfall, with Axie Infinity posting a low of 96.6% when it comes to its in-game currency. Illuvium has also crashed by 97.5%. GODS is currently down by 98% against its all-time high.

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