Golden Egg Wonderful introduced on Web3 by FRUITS

FRUITS World Foundation has come out with a patent that speaks of linking virtual gaming assets with physical products. It is connected to their NFT system. The patent pertains to a specialized method through which users are able to carry out trading of golden eggs available in online games and exchange them for real-world physical eggs having the same dimensions. In this way, it will now become possible for users to convert their virtual gains into real-world products.

This landmark NFT technology of FRUITS is being integrated within its latest Web3 game, Golden Egg Wonderland. While getting connected to this game, players will have the opportunity of caring for birds that produce eggs by way of NFTs. Every egg will come with a heightened level of rarity. All that is required for the user to remain in touch is to have an internet facility during the production of the eggs, raise their bird NFTs and play with them, as well as sell the eggs as NFTs.

FRUITS has gone in for the utilization of gold in the form of a secure asset category. There is also the inflation hedge angle in the case of linking game assets with real-time value. The entity has plans to spread this to NFTfi, along with various other financial services. This will allow players to participate in Golden Egg Wonderland, which is a play-for-gold game that is in tandem with FRUITs’ building of a manageable community.

FRUITS has planned a special promotional activity to highlight the deliverance of the game. People taking part in Golden Egg Wonderland will have the opportunity of coming in for a bird or an egg NFT. The game comes with an entire array of in-game features and additions to be made from time to time. For FRUITS, this is indeed the way forward.

Trevor Holman

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