Golem Price Analysis: Golem (GNT) Looks All Set To Consolidate Its Stable Run

  • Users can transact idle computing easily on the Golem network.
  • Over the past 24 hours, price fluctuation has been in a stable range of $0.09 – $0.10
  • Year-end target $ 0.25 -$ 0.3

Golem (GNT) blockchain network is a decentralized computation network where users can buy or sell idle computing resources in a P2P environment. It uses an Ethereum based transaction system for its settlements. Golem has been in the news recently for its Beta launch and to be released ‘Graphene’ project, which is expected to change the face of the computing landscape. Over the last 24 hours, the price of GNT has shown a stable price movement in the range of $0.09 – $0.10, indicating that Golem is slowly taking the stable route to success.

Golem Coin Latest Statistics:

As on June 24, 2019, at 7:06:20 UTC, the current statistics for the coin are as below:

Golem Price Chart - 24 June
Golem Price Chart
  • The current market price of GNT is $0.09779160
  • Current market cap is around $94,491,745
  • 24 h volume is at $1,674,260
  • GNT has a gigantic ROI of 551.50%, at a Circulating supply of 963,622,000 GNT.
  • Current rank of the coin is 86

Golem Coin Price Comparison:

The price trend over the past day has been a mixed bag for Golem. At the start of June 23, the price was at $0.09885049. In a matter of 1h 47m, GNT price jumped to $0.10227666 indicating a jump of 3.5%. In the next 8h 11m, the price moved downwards to $0.09915004, showing a movement of 2.54%. In the next 8h 27m, the price oscillation was to the extent of 3.57% at $0.10244516, but suddenly in a short period of 3h 17m, the price was lowered by 5.48% trading at $0.09682849. The price has shown a minimal upward movement today with the current price at $0.09779160. Golem community can have a sigh of relief as the price has been showing relative stability over the past few months.

Golem Price Prediction:

One of the well-funded crypto projects due to its advanced technology features, Golem has been known for its stability. Its current developments should enable it to reach to a broad customer base. Key industry tie-ups have also contributed to its market value. Investors have always shown an interest in the coin. The price trend over the past day points to the stable nature of the coin. Analysts are positive about the developments in the coin and as per our Golem prediction the coin to touch a target of around $ 0.3 -$ 0.4 by the end of 2019.


For long-term investors, the coin has much in store. Short-term investors could gain but should invest cautiously keeping track of price fluctuations. It’s best to wait and see whether Golem will be the gamechanger for cloud computing.

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