Golem Price Analysis: Will Golem (GNT) Gallop To Its Year-End Target Price?

  • First marketplace for idle computing on the decentralized platform
  • GNT price has shown an upward trend over the past 5 days though it fell sharply during the close of June 18, 2019

Golem (GNT) has been much in the news since its launch in 2016 is the world’s first decentralized marketplace on the blockchain platform focusing on utilizing idle computing resources. The release of the much-awaited Graphene in July 2019, is on track and is increasing the excitement in the coin with new participants contributing to the development. For the last 5 days, the price was moving in the range of $0.09- $0.10. Though Golem has been picking up slowly, there are still small hiccups on the way.

Golem Coin Latest Statistics:

As on June 19, 2019, at 6:32:52 UTC, current statistics are as below:

Golem Price Chart - 19 June
Golem Price Chart
  • The current price of GNT is $0.09782362
  • Current Market Cap is around $93,642,887
  • 24 h volume is at $1,243,115
  • GNT has a huge ROI of 545.65 %, at a Circulating supply of 963,622,000 GNT.

Golem Coin Price Comparison:

Though Golem started the year on a low note due to the after-effects of 2018 bear market, the price has been slowly getting back on track. The above 5-day price chart shows the price slowly moving upwards within between short slips. On June 14, GNT price was low at 0.09691059 but managed to do very well on June 15 at $0.10271073 indicating an upward price movement to the tune of 6.19% and stayed at $ 0.10294273 on June 16. The price slid to $0.10149270 during the early hours of June 18 before crashing to 0.09322750 at the end of the day, showing a downward movement to the extent of 7.88%. Today’s price is at $ 0.09782362, indicating a minimal drop from yesterday’s close of 0.09782436. This indicates that the price has been steady and slowly moving upwards with slight fluctuations, which should give hope to the Golem community.

Golem Price Prediction:

Golem has one of the best development teams which is constantly working on improving its technology and widening its customer outreach, thereby getting more users to the community. Investors are also keenly keeping track of the coin movements. Looking at the price trends over the past few months, Analysts have a bullish outlook for the coin and feel the coin should reach a price of around $0.3 by the year-end.

Current investors can relax and look ahead to a great return in the long term. Given the stable nature of the coin, new investors can buy the coin at the current price.

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