Golem Price Analysis: Will Golem’s Price Continue To Show Stable Upward Trend?

Golem (GNT) blockchain network is a decentralized network for unused computing resources where users can rent or sell idle computing resources and make money out of it. If Golem can achieve its mission, then it will be able to gather thousands of potential users. The development team of Golem is working hard and is releasing the Graphene project on time. Over the past 30 days, the Golem price has shown some positive stable movement, a reason for investors to heave a sigh of relief.

Latest Statistics of Golem Coin:

As on June 29, 2019, at 6:42:29 UTC, current statistics are as below:

Golem Price Chart - 29 June
Golem Price Chart
  • The Current market price of GNT is $0.09414370
  • Current market cap is around $90,912,567
  • 24 h volume is at $2,022,250
  • GNT has a high ROI of 526.28%, and Circulating supply of 964,450,000 GNT
  • 30 Day High / Low is $0.111458 / $0.083093

Golem Coin Price Comparison:

Over the past month, Golem’s price has been moving on the upward swing with minor price fluctuations. On June 4, the price of GNT was low at $0.08162834. It rallied to a high of 30.17% on June 8 at $10590324 in 3 days. It fell to $0.08548428 on June 10, the movement being to the tune of 19.28%. It again rallied at a high to $0.11013924 on June 13 at a gap of 3 days, showing a movement of 27.29%. The price again had a fall of 17.51% on June 20 at $0.09101292. From here it rose to $0.10520216 on June 26, the movement is 10.98%. The price again slid downwards to $0.08267996 on June 27 after a gap of a day; the movement is 21.41%. Today’s price has gone up to $0.09414370, showing an upward movement to the extent of 12.09%.

Golem Price Prediction:

Golem is finally basking in the glory of its stable upward price momentum. Things are beginning to be going in the right direction for Golem after the bear market of 2018. Investors and users are looking forward to its future releases with eager anticipation. Analysts also cannot seem to get enough of the coin and are predicting a bull run for the coin and have set the year-end target to around $0.2 – $0.3. You can check the Golem price prediction to get more knowledge about the future market of the coin.



A fish in a sea of whales, still Golem has set its sights on surpassing the industry bigwigs in the race for the top spot in cloud computing. The long-term investment is the best option for investors considering the way the price has been moving.

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