Golem Price Analysis: Will Slow And Steady Be Golem’s Goal for Hitting the Bulls Eye?

  • Graphene release in July 2019 is awaited with much anticipation
  • Circulating supply is at 963,622,000 GNT .
  • Revamped tech support, expanding community outreach and their reach worldwide

Golem is a distributed supercomputer that aims for becoming a decentralized ecosystem for cloud-computing on the blockchain platform. It is a computing power marketplace. Its tie-up with Invisible Things Lab (ITL) on Graphene – a “library operating system for unmodded applications” has evinced a lot of interest, and an increasing number of contributors are aiding its development.

Golem Latest Statistics:

Golem Price Chart -10 June

As on June 10, 2019, at 6:49:53 UTC, the market price of GNT is 0.09 USD. Price is up by 12.5% from yesterday’s closing price (USD) 0.08. Currently, the market cap is around 88,439,822 USD, 24 h volume is at 2,961,214 USD, and ROI is whopping at 509.77 %. The coin is currently ranked at 78th position in the crypto market. 52 Week High/Low is 0.461877 USD/ 0.053155 USD.

Golem Price Comparison:

The price was as high as 0.11 USD on 29th May and as low as 0.05 USD on Feb 6, 2019. When compared with the current price movements, it is 18.18% low and 80% high respectively. As on May 10, 2019, the price was  0.07 USD, there has been an upward movement of 28.57% over the past month. As seen from the above comparisons, the price of Golem has been slowly moving upwards. This is a positive sign and gives reason to the traders and investors to rejoice.

Golem’s Price Prediction:

The Golem project is one of the well-funded projects in the blockchain world. The work on Graphene’s progress is good and its release in July 2019 as earlier planned, is eagerly awaited by the blockchain community. This will give a good boost to its current standing in the crypto market. It has been entering into key collaborations concerning its applications. The team has constantly been improving the Brass Alpha and have released the Brass Beta. Also, they have worked on making technological improvements and expanding their user base. This should have a favorable effect on the price movements. The price movements over the past few months have been bullish. Analysts predict a price uptrend in the range of $ 0.11- $ 0.13 by the end of the year and more in the years to come. Visit here today to find more details about Golem coin price prediction.

Existing investors should hold their investments with a long-term perspective. New investors can join in the bandwagon and enjoy the glory in the long term. Slow and steady is the goal of Golem investment.

Trevor Holman

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