Google All Set to Take on Amazon with Launch of New Shopping Portal

Over the past decade, Google has looked on as Amazon cornered the e-commerce market in its own inimitable way and considering the sheer size of the market, it was not going to stay away from the market for long. As a matter of fact, Amazon had even become a major threat for Google when it came to online searches for shoppers, and hence, the search engine giant has decided to move into space. In a new development, the company has launched its new shopping platform that is currently going to be available to people in the United States only.

However, it is not going to be a shopping platform that will see Google maintaining its own inventory or making deliveries. The platform in question is going to send its users recommendations that will be tailored to a particular user. Needless to say, the user needs to use his Google account in order to get those recommendations. Although it is true that it is nowhere near to Amazon in size and scope, it goes without saying that the launch of this platform is going to put it in direct competition against the e-commerce behemoth Amazon.

Once a user searches for an item on the platform, he gets a range of options from which he can choose in order to complete the purchase. Departmental stores like Target and Costco are going to be two significant participants in this project for Google. If a user wants to buy a Google product, like a Google Home speaker, then he could complete the purchase from the company’s store. Last but not the least, the company has also introduced a feature called ‘Google Guarantee,’ by way of which a user will get a 100% refund if a retailer does not deliver according to schedule. The new product seems an interesting one and one that could challenge Amazon at some point in the future. However, as of now, it is unlikely to put a large dent on the e-commerce giant’s business.

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