Google Cloud Adds Ontology (Ont) Platform

Major cloud platforms like Amazon and Microsoft have been inviting numerous blockchain projects, and these have also been serving several of these projects. As of now, Google Cloud has included Ontology project to its platform.

Developers will now have the power to develop and operate using the Ontology blockchain without the need for creating a local environment. The feature on the Google cloud has a block explorer), SmartX, an Ontology test environment, and a smart contract Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Ontology added a new blog which announced that Ontology would be available on all 3 platforms from now. The blog post read,

“Ontology has also joined the Google Cloud Technology Partner program, which gives Ontology the opportunity to collaborate with Google in marketing activities. With this new relationship and the development platform releases, Ontology hopes to grow the tech community and make developing dApps more accessible for all.”

Ontology was created by the same platform that created NEO platform OnChain. It is a platform that focuses on an enterprise. It aims to create a connection between governments, businesses, and end users.

Apart from Google Cloud, Ontology development is also available on Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure platform. Amazon’s AWS has started a service that manages blockchain, and it supports Hyperledger and Ethereum.

In accordance with the latest announcement, the new addition has become one of the first ever public blockchains to have a separate platform of development on all the major cloud provider marketplaces. The Ontology was initiated by a Chinese company, OnChain, and is only behind the 17th largest cryptocurrency. Ontology is a public blockchain which aims to simplify the use of upcoming technologies for various companies. The project’s white paper further goes on to say,

“Ontology is a blockchain/distributed ledger network which combines a distributed identity system, distributed data exchange, distributed data collaboration, [and others]. Together this builds the infrastructure for a peer-to-peer trust network which is cross-chain, cross-system, cross-industry, cross-application, and cross-device.”

Ontology is masterminded by one of the leading and most prominent cryptocurrencies of the moment, NEO. With a ranking of 17 among the cryptocurrencies, NEO has already established itself in the world of cryptocurrency.

The prime objective of the Ontology project is to simplify the way companies use the upcoming technology in blockchain and also how these are leveraged.

As a proclaimed enterprise-grade network, the Ontology blockchain is designed to offer a trust that brings together several protocols deploying smart controls, data exchange, and identities.

The company’s whitepaper goes on to add that Ontology is“a blockchain/distributed ledger network” that has blended the properties of a “distributed identity system, distributed data exchange, [and] distributed data collaboration,”  Ontology network functions like a connector that forges several blockchains with the help of its native token.

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