Google Heads Back Into Social Media with New Venture Named ‘Shoelace’

There are very few tech-related products in which Google has failed spectacularly, but social media is definitely one of those. Social media has become an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars due to companies like Facebook, Twitter, and others. However, Google could not make a mark in the industry through its social media platform, Google Plus. The platform could not get much traction over more than a decade and last year, the company announced that Google Plus was going to be shut down. Many might have thought that it was the end of the company’s experiments with social media, but Google has now come up with a new social media platform.

The name of the platform is Shoelace and according to reports, the name is a play on the company’s goal to ‘tie people together’ through a social media platform. Although Google Plus is the most high profile, social media platform created by the company, the search engine giant had also created Google Friend Connect and Google Buzz. Anyway, the thrust of Shoelace is going to be more focused on improving the social lives of its users by connecting them to users with the same interests. Google says that the goal of the platform is to ‘supercharge your social life’ and to bring people together. By way of the app, users will be able to know about events that are happening in their cities and attend it with like-minded people, if they so wish.

The thrust of Shoelace is definitely interesting and one that could differentiate it from the major social media platforms in the world at this point. There is another feature known as ‘Loops’ by way of which people can even organize their own events. The launch is going to be of a limited nature and currently, the app is only going to available to residents of New York. If it proves to be a success, then it is definitely going to be expanded to other cities in the United States eventually.

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