Google Launches AI-powered Smart Glasses For Blind People

“Your eyes are captivating!!!” A majority of people have been lucky enough to get this compliment from their loved ones, family members, friends, secret crushes, or anyone. Eyes are considered to be one of the most beautiful creations showered upon us by the Almighty. The eyes allow us to enjoy the scenic beauty breathing around us as well as helps us to see and appreciate the beauty of our near and dear ones. Our visionary power helps us in perceiving things more accurately, quickly, and with ease. Being one of the sense organs, the eyes are undoubtedly one of the most precious possessions one can have and we should be thankful to the Omnipresent to shower us with this amazing power to see the world.

Unfortunately, some people are not blessed by God with the power to cherish the beauty with their eyes. While some people are blind by birth, others lose their vision due to some tragedy such as an accident, medical illness, or any other unwelcoming incident in their lives. With the advancement of technology and medical science, an array of operations and surgeries are being practiced upon by the doctors worldwide to get back the vision of the patients. These surgeries cost a hefty amount and are often quite complicated.

To everybody’s surprise, we present to you a more economical and effective solution which can help blind people in seeing once again. The product is tech giant Google’s new AI-powered smart glasses branded by the name of Envision Glasses, and have been designed to cater to the requirements of visually impaired people. Google has collaborated with a Dutch startup named Envision to unveil a new pair of smart glasses for the blind and visually impaired people. By infusing the excellence of artificial technology, the new glasses have the capability to read out loud the description of the things at which the owner is looking at. The glasses will give the users a golden opportunity to enjoy the real-time description of what they are seeing. This will give them a feeling of seeing things though not with their eyeballs for sure.

The glasses help in the extraction of large quantities of visual information and then describing it back to the user. Some common usage examples include reading a recipe from a book, identifying friends, analyzing surroundings, etc.

The official report affirms that the smart glasses are capable of reading out the text written in more than 60 languages from any surface. The company has started accepting pre-orders for the smart glasses from March 9, 2020, with an opening price of $1699. The glasses will retail for a price of $2,099 after the starting of shipping in August 2020. Ironically, the hefty price tag is likely to keep the product limited to the access of the rich class and is certainly not going to fall in the budget of the estimated 253 million people surviving with visual impairment.

Envision glasses are created with a view to give a near-to-real experience to the users by describing the surroundings aloud to them. The technology is quite innovative and is likely to grab the attention of many, keeping the price value aside.

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