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Google Play Store Applies Strict Policy Towards The Crypto Mining Apps By Banning Them

Google Play Store

Google Play Store, a digital distribution services provider applies strict policy towards numerous cryptocurrency mining apps that are still available and run their app on the store despite certain restriction in place by the company as per the valid source published by Next Web as of 28th August 2018. In 27th July this year, Google restricted certain crypto mining apps from its Play Store. An excerpt from the Google developer policy, “We don’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices”

According to the company source, the company provided app developers with a certain grace period of approximate 30 days to amend their products that comply with the new terms and policies. Even after the deferral period, there are certain apps that are still available on the Play Store as per the official source of Next Web. The site has investigated approximately eight apps out of which three have been removed completely. The others are Crypto Miner PRO, NeoNeonMiner, Pickaxe Miner, Pocket Miner are still available on the store. Amongst all these, Bitcoin Miner is expected to have followed the terms and conditions of the Play Store while offering its services.

With this MinerGate has already been removed from the store saying to Hard Fork that the latest app iteration has been removed its on-device mining features in order to strictly follows Google’s policy.

An excerpt from the Hard Fork, “Mining on your phone directly was among the core features of the MinerGate app before the last changes in Google Play Development policies. With the last update, we are removing this functionality to meet the updated requirements.”

Recently Google Play Store introduced a reported Ethereum (ETH) scam application. Where a malware researcher from Slovakia, Lukas Stefanko was found as fraudulent to offer Ethereum app on Google Play Store with its offering to buy at $388. As per the analyst, the whole scam wanted to manipulate uneducated buyers to buy the app mistakenly considering it as “Ethereum Cryptocurrency”.

Besides this, Google officially announced in April this year to remove mining extension from its Chrome Web Store for all those applications that are failed to comply with its policy. The step was taken especially when the company came to know about malicious crypto jacking in extensions.

Let’s not forget that the step taken by Google Play Store is one of the brilliant ones that helps users to get acquainted with the apps in an ethical manner!!

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