Google to allow new Blockchain-powered experiences via Google Play

Google Play always keeps helping its developers bring creative ideas into existence. The platform hosts a wide range of blockchain-based applications, and the current partners are enthusiastic about expanding their offerings in order to develop more immersive and engaging digital experiences using tokenized virtual assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Similar to any other emerging technologies, it is important to balance innovation and user protection. Hence, Google Play has come together with its developers to responsibly support those opportunities and continue to provide the most trusted, transparent, and safest experiences for all its users. 

Google Play’s Group Product Manager, Joseph Mills, shared an update that includes opening new ways of their policy to transact digital content based on blockchain within games and apps on the platform. From boosting the loyalty of its users through unique digital assets and NFT rewards to reimagining conventional games with content owned by its users, Google Play will bring creative in-app digital experiences that will help developers expand and flourish their businesses. 

With the ever-evolving blockchain technology, maintaining client trust has become a necessity. As a part of this policy update, Google Play will require all its apps to be transparent with its users regarding tokenized virtual assets. For instance, if any game or app sells or allows users to earn digital assets, it must be clearly declared to them. While tokenized digital assets are supposed to create more immersive and enriching experiences, developers do not need to glamorize or promote their potential earnings from trading or playing activities. 

In fine-tuning with the Real Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy of Google Play, applications that do not meet the eligibility requirements for gambling cannot take money for any chance to earn assets of unknown monetary value, including digital assets and NFTs. For instance, developers must not provide purchases where NFT’s value that users get is not transparent or clear. 

Finally, the basic fundamental is that Google Play encourages its partners to succeed, and the new guidelines are developed after consulting with the game and app developers, incorporating their valuable feedback, and supporting them unconditionally. Google Play will keep engaging with its developers to know their opportunities and challenges and how as an innovative platform. Google Play can support them to build sustainable businesses through blockchain technology.

Roxanne Williams

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