Google to change its ad policy for Bitcoin ETF visibility

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, is amending its ad policies specifically for the Bitcoin ETF. This will help the product reach a larger audience in the United States. The changes are expected to go into effect from today, January 29, 2024, and are pitched to alter the landscape of crypto advertising forever.

Google is being looked at as an ideal destination because it processes almost 8.55 billion searches every day. Many believe that the move will help asset managers reach out to a larger number of institutional and retail traders. Assuming advertising on Google pays out, a significant influx of interest is expected to be generated for efficient liquidity.

There will be amendments to Google’s ad policies because the US SEC has approved 11 applications for the Spot Bitcoin ETF. Also, traders have a fluctuating interest in getting on board and starting to trade the token. Dynamics remain delicate, including heavy withdrawals in recent times that Grayscale Investment’s Bitcoin ETF led.

Withdrawals are calming down, and the market is gaining stability. BTC, for one, is again trading at $42,000+ when articulating this piece. While the valuation is down by 0.61% in the last 24 hours, it is better than what it was a couple of days ago. The token was rallying at a value of less than $40,000, a significant fall from the $47,000 it had achieved post-ETF approval by the Commission.

Bitcoin ETF products listed on Google for ads must meet criteria before taking their material live. It is not precisely rocket science, but the requirements are stringent. For instance, they must comply with the country’s prevailing laws. Next, messages should be responsibly carried on the material without any deviation from the actual intent, which includes safeguarding everyone’s interests.

Finally, they must have certifications in place before getting started. Once done, advertisements for Bitcoin ETF products will go live on Google. It is ideally recommended to leverage the availability of Google Ads to spread awareness among crypto enthusiasts. That would take the brand’s name to every corner and spread a positive reputation for it.

An X user has shared the development with their followers, informing them that Bitcoin will have unprecedented levels of exposure in retail and institutional sections.

Members of the community are optimistic about the move. Most of them have called this huge news, and others have said that they are more bullish about BTC now. It remains to be seen how Bitcoin ETF ads appear in the days to come. There is a chance that many advertisers will get creative and try to get as many people on board as possible. Some could take this as an opportunity to cover the basics of an educational campaign.

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