Google Tries to Claw Back Its Position in Shopping Space with Major Revamp

Over the course of the past decades, Alphabet’s search engine Google has pretty much taken over the online search space and has held on to the position as the preeminent search engine for many years. Google is the website to go to for almost all categories of searches, and there are very few categories in which it is lagging behind. However, when it comes to shopping searches, it has emerged that internet users are increasingly choosing to use Amazon as their preferred search engine and that is definitely hurting Google, as online shopping is now one of the most significant sources of online traffic at the moment. In this regard, it is also important to point out that Facebook is also making a big push towards shopping searches through its photo-sharing platform, Instagram.

It makes up for a large chunk of the company’s income and losing out of that can be a very damaging development over the long term. In order to correct that problem, Google is now stepping up its efforts to boost its service when it comes to product searches and attracts more users to its search engine. The company announced on Tuesday that it is currently looking to develop a home page meant for shoppers and will be called the Shopping home page. As is the case with all Google search applications, it will be tailored according to a user’s history, and it will allow them to search for any product that they want to look for. Once the product is located, a customer can make the purchase through the platform itself or choose to go to the retailer’s website and complete the transaction.

Over the years, Google has tried a range of initiatives in order to conquer the online shopping search niche, but none of those initiatives actually found a loyal customer base. However, the important difference with regards to the new Shopping home page initiative is that a user can browse through products without actually making a purchase and in other words, it can be said, that it is a platform that is quite similar to Amazon. The growth of Amazon as not only an e-commerce giant and also a search tool for shoppers has made it a huge threat towards Google’s dominance as a search engine. In addition to that, many other companies are also looking for ways to expand their e-commerce efforts, and in this new world, Google will need to reorganize their products if they are to stay ahead of the pack.

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