Google’s Changed Set Of Policies Forces Samourai Wallet to Remove Security Features


The intelligent group of individuals behind Samourai, the protection centered Bitcoin wallet, has expelled a set of key security-related features from one of its app’s version because of the incredibly prohibitive policies issued by Google.

Recently, after the release of its app version 0.99.04 on the digital distribution service run by Google, known as Google Play, Samourai clarified in a report that three main features – SIM switch safeguard, stealth mode, and remote SMS directions have been removed due to Google’s push to “become more of a ‘walled garden’ experience.”

The app’s version contains those features is accessible, yet not through Google’s application service. Google did not support a demand for input.

Google’s “Walled Garden” is a term that is quite similar to the closed platform or a closed ecological system, citing to software framework where the service provider takes on entire control over all-encompassing tasks in the system including content, media, and applications. However, this is certifiably not a new pattern applied by Google, yet rather one that has been multiplying for quite a long time among huge innovative technology organizations, not even outside of Google but also on Facebook and Amazon.

Addressing in an event- SW clarified that the walled garden comment was about a set of changed rules since last year by Google towards all Play store apps developers.

SW said that Samourai users might have seen that they are not receiving notifications while getting Bitcoin. This change is because if users need to utilize Bitcoin notification services, then they have to route everything via Google services.

The accumulation of “little things like that” according to SW is pushing Samourai developers to opt-out of more features when releasing new wallet versions to the application.

The addition of such little details is pushing Samourai wallet developers to look for more features while launching new wallet variants to the application, as indicated by SW.

SW has confirmed that even though these strategy restrictions, Samourai users are still downloading Samourai wallet from Google Play store and they are still getting the maximum amount of secured privacy as compared to other Bitcoin wallet apps.

Additionally, SW is more hopeful towards a compromise that can be drawn among Samourai and Google Play to reintroduce these features sometime in the coming future. SW concluded by saying:

If Google connected with us, then we’ll think to make arrangements and will be able to reintroduce these features again on the applications. We are glad to change the code by our end to keep inconsistency with them.

Vishal Parmar

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