Goracle launches the decentralized autonomous entity Goracle DAO

Goracle takes an enormous amount of pleasure in coming out with its official declaration that it has successfully delivered the Goracle DAO. This is basically a decentralized, autonomous organization. It allows node runners, data consumers and providers, and community members to take an active part in governance-related matters and the overall evolution of the Goracle protocol.

As one of the most decentralized Oracle networks, Goracle is actively engaged in providing smart contracts with secure and reliable external data. Presently, and with the successful completion of the Goracle DAO, they will be transitioning to the next phase of decentralization of their governance, thereby allowing the community to contribute to the overall development of their protocol. 

The Goracle DAO will be playing the role of being a platform created for carrying out decentralized decision-making, through which the community members have the opportunity of being able to share proposals, as well as carry out discussions and cast their individual votes on the proposals, in terms of the Goracle protocol. This will also consider factors such as making decisions in relation to the increase in fresh sources of data, along with the enhancement of the standard of data and its exactness. There will also be aspects of improvements carried out on node-runner methods, the disbursement of rewards, incentives, and other relevant factors.

The Goracle team firmly believes that the decentralization of governance is by far the most effective method for ensuring the sustainability factor in the decentralized arena. Allowing community members to express their opinions on the protocol’s reversal will pave the way for a better comprehension of the requirements of its connected users and its numerous stakeholders.


Currently, the company is reaching out to node runners as well as data consumers, data providers, and community members to take an active part in the testing phase of the Oracle DAO. In return, they will be rewarded with Gora tokens from the Incentivized Testnet for their contributions. 

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