Gorilix (SILVA) Up 15% as Binance Coin (BNB) & Ripple (XRP) Suffer Losses

The extensive price drops of major cryptocurrencies such as Binance Coin (BNB) and Ripple (XRP) are ongoing. The markets have tended to favor stable coins and some smaller altcoins, which generally do not follow the same fluctuations as some of the more popular tokens, making them highly sought out in the crypto landscape. One new altcoin that seems to be making waves comes from Gorilix’s DeFi platform, in the shape of their SILVA token. 

Although Gorilix (SILVA) only entered the market last week, its presale numbers are already leaving their mark. In the last few days, SILVA has made almost 15% gains. Other crypto giants Binance Coin (BNB) and XRP have had the exact opposite outcome, racking up severe losses BNB is currently on a one-week slide that has seen a -26.6% drop, with XRP performing similarly down -23.4% in the same seven day period. 

These telling statistics leave one question: What’s making SILVA grow while BNB and XRP decline? The answer lies in Gorilix, the DeFi platform that hosts SILVA. It is a new fresh project with good foundations. Gorilix allows anyone living anywhere in the world to be their “own bank.” Gorilix users can take out loans, borrow assets based on collateral, lend assets while earning interest, and trade their tokens. To know more about the crypto exchanges in UAE in detail, visit here.

Gorilix’s unique decentralized finance protocols also allow users to gain assets, in the form of SILVA tokens, as interest on ERC20 tokens they already own. Holders of SILVA have a significant hand in the decision-making process of the DeFi platform, being able to debate, propose, and vote on changes to the protocol. If you’d like to buy into SILVA, check out the Gorilix platform before it’s too late!

Defi bank

One major worry of Altcoins is the lack of concrete planning and direction, leading to coins that are only based on hype, like some “meme coins” that blow up but quickly fall. Gorilix’s clear 8-phase roadmap sets it apart from other coins and adds to its credibility. It’s currently in its first phase of the SILVA presale, but the following steps look pretty promising. 

Once the presale is finished, Gorilix is moving onto SILVA’s IDO launch, creating an NFT Marketplace, launching a crypto exchange, developing a lending and borrowing platform, finalizing Gorilix’s DeFI tools and utilities, starting multi-crypto asset staking, and finishing off with a mega farming market on Gorilix Exchange. With their sights high on substantial developments in the future, you can count on Gorilix’s team to live up to every ounce of anticipation for this fantastic project. 

If you’re interested in Gorilix’s mission beyond their SILVA token, don’t hesitate to explore Gorilix’s 1950 high-quality SILVA Kong art NFT collection. With scarcity levels of standard, rare, unique, and ultra-rare and the Gorilix powerhouse behind it, this NFT collection is sure to be as big as its cryptocurrency counterpart. 

After the recent losses, the current state of the crypto market has made many seek smaller altcoins with sights for the future. With impressive numbers and a clear plan forward, Gorilix’s SILVA may be the coin many have been waiting for.

Gorilix (SILVA) is Available Exclusively at: Gorilix.io

Presale Registration: https://cabinet.gorilix.io/sign-up

To Join the Community and Social Media Channels, Visit linktr.ee/gorilix

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