Grammy Winning Artist Ryan Tedder to Debut NFTs on Origin

The American music industry is again in the limelight with Origin Protocol Inc.’s announcement about their upcoming Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection from the industry’s renowned artist Ryan Tedder. Ryan Tedder is a famous American singer-songwriter and music producer. He is also a front-man and the lead vocalist of the pop-rock band OneRepublic and has won Grammy Awards three times in his career graph.

The Origin Protocol Inc. (ORIGIN) is a blockchain technology-based platform for constructing and creating decentralized marketplaces. ORIGIN is an American company formed in 2017 and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. ORIGIN is a blockchain protocol for establishing and sharing economy marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. Its protocol renders easy creation and management of the programs for the partial usage of assets and services on the platform. ORIGIN enables and supports developers and enterprises to build a decentralized marketplace on the blockchain arena freely.

Ryan Tedder and ORIGIN Inc’s collaboration will bring the artist’s very first NFT offering on the Origin platform. This NFT is an association with Bustart, Swiss graffiti artist, and the collections will include custom-made visual & audio elements. This said promotion campaign would celebrate a throwback to Ryan’s youth and life view per say evoking happiness, irreverence, nostalgia, and so on. Apart from Ryan’s musical endeavors, he has been engaged in the modern art community. He supports and admires the depiction of each art piece of all genres of artists, right from Keith Haring to Basquiat to lesser-known artists across the industry. Now he has moved his attention to the NFT collection and showcase space by releasing multiple NFT’s. He not only wants to enter the space with an open mind and established artistry but also wishes to honor and provide unknown artists a mainstream exposure to the NFT movement.

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