Grand PUSH Giveaway by WazirX

Wazirx and EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service) have come together to host multiple activities and generous giveaways for you. Join our platform to celebrate these activities and participate in the grand PUSH giveaway worth $25,500.

EPNS or Ethereum Push Notification Service is developing an additional communication layer for Web 3.0 with notifications. With EPNS protocol, all smart contracts, dApps and backends can send notifications tied to users and their wallet addresses in a multi-chain, open and platform-agnostic way that will allow crypto wallets or frontends to enter the network and receive notifications from around the globe.

PUSH contains a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) element that allows users to earn crypto incentives for receiving actual notifications. Web 3.0 is a notification system that has yet to be fully developed. It notifies users or wallet addresses of important events, actions, updates, and much more. Oftentimes, important events, such as DEX order, NFT auction or ENS domain expiration, end up being completely missed. EPNS network tries to solve this problem with its PUSH NOTIFICATION service. It efficiently stores and treats notifications like JSON payloads, and it is transformed according to the rules of various carriers once the notifications reach the users. The JSON payload ensures complete flexibility of the data, content, delivery, and storage interpretation. 

 Wazirx has partnered with PUSH, where users can trade and buy PUSH in USDT and INR markets.

  • If you’d like to make the most of the PUSH Giveaway, sign up on the WazirX platform from 27th January, Thursday to 31st January, Monday, and receive free PUSH coins worth $20
  • Participate in a YouTube Live session with the founder of Ethereum Push Notification Service network, Harsh Rajat, on Thursday, 27th January
  • Participate in the Quiz competition on the WazirX Blog from 20th January, Friday to 29th January, Saturday. Flaunt your PUSH knowledge in an exciting and fun quiz session on our blog and win a prize of $300.
  • Participate in a 48-Hr Long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon from 1st February, Tuesday to 3rd February, Thursday and win prizes of $15,000 or Rs.12,24,750 worth PUSH coins for the top 350 traders. 
  • Wazirx and EPNS are collaborating to offer a special Giveaway welcome gift to all new users. EPNS will give away PUSH coins worth a sum of $10,000 to the first 500 newcomers who register or sign up and buy or deposit PUSH coins on the WazirX platform.
  • If you want to claim the Giveaway rewards, create an account on the WazirX platform and verify your identity. 
  • Buy or fund your WazirX account with any quantity of $PUSH into your WazirX account.
  • The Giveaway price is offered to the first 500 signups who buy or deposit PUSH coins during this campaign duration.
  • All eligible signups will receive PUSH coins worth $20. 
  • The giveaway rewards are applicable only once for every user. The rewards can not be redeemed multiple times but only once.
  • The Giveaway Schedule begins on the 27th January, Thursday, 9 AM, and closes on 31st January, Monday, 9 PM, IST.

New signups get to flaunt their PUSH knowledge during an exciting and fun QUIZ session on the WazirX Blog from 20th January, Friday, 6 PM to 29th January, Saturday, 6 PM, IST.

If you’d like to participate in the Quiz, visit the WazirX Blog, where you’ll be asked ten questions. Choose the correct answer and clear the quiz session. There will be only one entry for every user. 

  • 1st prize includes a Giveaway of $45 worth of PUSH coins. 
  • 2nd–5th prize includes a Giveaway of $20 worth of PUSH coin for each winner. 
  • The 6th–10th prize includes a Giveaway of $15 worth of PUSH coins for each winner. 
  • 11th–20th prize includes a Giveaway of $10 worth of PUSH coins for each winner.

Participate in a YouTube Live session with the Founder of Ethereum Push Notification Service network, Harsh Rajat, in an interview by Archit Sinha and learn more about the $PUSH token. The live session will be held on 27th January, Thursday, 5 PM IST on WazirX YouTube Channel.

Get set to participate in a non-stop 48-hr long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon, a trading contest, allowing participants to win more prizes.

The Highest Trader Kaun Marathon trading contest will begin on 1st February, 9 AM onwards, till 3rd February, 9 AM IST. All participants can join any time between Tuesday and Thursday and get a chance to win a total prize amount of over $15,000 or Rs.12,24,750 worth of PUSH coins. Participants get to win prizes based on their trading performance for the entire 48 hours.

The WazirX platform will conduct a grand Giveaway for all its users. Wazirx has organized various events starting from 27th January, Thursday till 31st January, Monday, organizing a great $PUSH Giveaway worth $25,500 and giving a chance to its users to participate in various events and win prizes. All eligible users who sign up at WazirX during this giveaway period will get an opportunity to receive $20 worth of $PUSH. An exciting quiz session will be held from 20th January, Friday 6 PM till 29th January, Saturday 6 PM, where participants can flaunt their $PUSH knowledge and get to win exciting giveaways. The following events, a YouTube Live session with Harsh Rajat, the founder of EPNS, and the Highest Trader Kaun Marathon, a non-stop 48-hour trading contest, will give away generous prizes to the winners.

As a pioneer in the crypto space and the field of decentralized finance, WazirX brings new and frequent events and giveaways, partnering with the top names in the industry to ensure improved diversification initiatives through critical partnerships and gain traction by investing in various platforms.

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